My (Hypothetical) DDO (Expansion)

DDO Eberron Explored

So lets start with the story. “Its time for adventurers to travel off the continent  Xen’Drik, to the continent of Khorvaire. Board the Golden Dragon and travel to find a lost relic that could change the fate of House Cannith, and the world forever. Or explore the Mournlands, the remains of the lost country of Cyre. Featuring 11 new quests, a new raid, new wilderness area, a new public area, a new race and more.”

So thats the basic story. So lets start breaking down things, starting with the Golden Dragon. 


The Golden Dragon is a “luxury air liner (that) was originally commissioned as a massive Brelish war ship. After the end of the Last War, Lyrandar re-commissioned the vessel as a luxury liner with the finest outfittings. The ship is large enough that it requires two elemental bindings, both fire elementals, in addition to a separate water elemental binding. The combination of the secondary fire elemental and the water elemental are required to provide the extra lift.” It was intruduced the the adventure Voyage of the Golden Dragon. Different parts of the ship could serve as different “locations” in a town. Galley for as an inn, cargo hold as shops, air skiffs as location transfers (one to the Stormreach marketplace, one to the guild airships, various ones to different quest and explorer zone), etc.

So the quests. What level range should the starting quests in “Eberron Explored” be. Well, I’m think levels 8-12. Also the quests I am thinking of is a retelling of the schema quest chains from the original Eberron release in 3.5 edition. The quests would be as follows under the name of the original adventure:

The Lost Schema (quest chain)

  • The Forgotten Forge
    • Depths of the Lost: The players are tasked by Eldaydren d’Cannith to investigate the journal of the deceased Bonal Geldem. The investigation will bring adventurers into conflict with agents of the Lord of Blades. (adventure level 8)
    • The Forgotten Forge: Players return to the sewers of Sharn to examine the ruins of Darasharn. Once again the the players come to conflict with agents of the Lord of Blades, as they search for the lost Cannith forge located in the ruins. (adventure level 8)
  • Shadows of the Last War
    • Seeking the Excoriate: Players must seek out the former House Orien scion Failin to find clues to the the lost cannith forgehold, Whitehearth. However, the goblins are not to pleased with the arrival of these foreigners. (adventure level 9)
    • The Glass Village: Players find themselves in the former Cyran frontier town of Rose Quarry seeking more information about the forgehold of Whitehearth. However, they soon encounter the enigmatic Order of the Emerald Claw, who are also seeking the lost Cannith Forgehold. (adventure level 9)
    • The Lost Forgehold: Players travel to the lost forgehold of Whitehearth to recover the next piece of the schema. However, the dark experiments of Whitehearth may not be so keen on letting them leave with it. (adventure level 9)
  • Grasp of the Emerald Claw
    • Schema complete: Eldaydren d’Cannith has the players return to Xen’Drik to examine some ancient giant ruins that seem to have a link to the schema, possibly being the location of the final piece. However they soon find that the Emerald Claw has also arrived there seeking the piece. Its a race to complete the schema, and to learn its secret. (adventure level 10)
    • Ancient Evil Awakened (raid): The completed schema has awakened a massive ancient warforged. Players must work together to stop such a powerful enemy (raid level 12)


“The Lost Forgehold” as well as most of the original quests would take place in the new wilderness zone  “Valley of the Fallen.” More on that later though. Lets finish the other six quest discriptions.

  • That Which was Lost: House Phiarlan has hired the players to recover an item lost during the Day of Mourning. However, the item may not be as unguarded as one could assume. (adventure level 8)
  • A Shift in the Moons: A group of shifters has asked the players to head to the Eldeen Reaches to find out what happened to their shaman (a druid). It seems, something sinister has claimed the shaman’s grove for its own. (adventure level 11)
  • The Madness of the Forge: A Cannith creation forge that warped by the Day of Morning has been reactivated by a mad follower of the Lord of Blades, turning out insane warforged that exist in a constant state of rage. (adventure level 12)
  • (I don’t have a name for this one): The players have been asked by a Cyrian refugee to find out what happened to his wife. This would eventually lead into a fight a battle with a carcus crab. (adventure level 12)
  • Pack of Iron: A pack of iron defenders has been located that is acting with tactics far beyond what they should be capible of. (adventure level 10)

So lets talk about the “Valley of the Fallen.” The “Valley of the Fallen” is a battle field from the Last War. The area is filled with constructs (Warforged, Iron Golems, Iron Defenders), Undead (Zombies [both regular and intelligent], Skeletons, a new creature called Mistborn), and mutated animals(variations of existing animals, though it would just be a cosmetic change). Rares would consist of of powerful versions of said creatures. Explorers would be various ruins, camp sites, and (as morbid as it sounds) the remains of soliders, as things do not decay in the Mournland.

Ah, and here we are. The new race that I would put in are… (drum roll for effect)… shifters. Yeah, you should have seen that coming. They are mentioned in one of the quests above after all. But yeah, I would go with shifters.


So, lets approach this mechanics wise. How would I incorporate their shifting? Feats. The same way that clerics, favored souls, and paladins have their deity feats, warforged have their body feats, and the various dragonmarked feats. At level 1 a shifter would be able to choose a feat that would give them the ability to shift for an amount of time similar to a barbarian’s rage ability. The duration being 18 + (Constitution modifier x 6) seconds. The feat would give an ability boost based on the trait chosen. They would also get an extra ability based on the trait chosen. The amount of times per day that they could be done would also scale the same as rage. Those traits are:

Beasthide: +2 con (this would not increase the duration of the shift), +2 natural armor
Dreamsight: +2 wis, +2 to wild empathy checks.
Gorebrute: +2 str, +1d6 force damage
Longstride: +2 dex, Increases caster base run speed by 25%.
Longtooth: +2 str, 2% insight bonus to doublestrike
Razorclaw: +2 str, Sneak Attack Bonus +1
Swiftwing: +2 dex, (ability to monk’s slow fall but not a toggle)
Truedive: +2 con, Swim 1
Wildhunt: +2 con, +1 search, spot, listen

I am aware that some of these are a bit stronger then others, but this was the closest I could get to the abilities of the shifters using the in-game mechanics. As for their enhancement tree, I would have it focus on the abilities and bonuses from the shifting. Also I would have it increase the duration and number of shifts. Again similar to the enhancements that effect a barbarian’s rage.

So now the “and more” part. I would have a new iconic. The dwarven artificer. Why dwarven? In the original Eberron Campaign Setting, the book where the artificer is introduced, the class is represented by a dwarven artificer.


Also one of the main characters in the DDO book Skein of Shadows. So it just seems to make sense to me. In its enhancement tree, I would give it a toggle that allowed you to add different elemental damages to your weapons. These “alchemical augments” would be similar to the “Venomed Blades“enhancements that drow and assassin rogues get. Also, have it have the wand enhancements, Wand Heightening and Wand Mastery. Enhancements that can be found in the arcanotechnician artificer, spell singer bard, radiant servent cleric, season’s herald druid, angel of vengeance favored soul, mechanic rogue, eldritch knight (both sorcerer and wizard), tainted scholar warlock, archmage wizard. And yes, I am aware that I put an artificer enhancement tree, but both enhancements are not in the tree, and you could easily combine them into one enhancement. Maybe call it “Mror Wand Specialist.”Its about flavor, much like the other iconic trees.

So, lets look at what the editions of the game would look. I am using the Mists of Ravenloft editions that are for sale as a template. It’s the most recent release, so its a good example of what to go with. The standard edition would simply be the “Eberron Explored” expansion (the quests, raid, access to the Golden Dragon, and access to the Valley of the Fallen), the shifter race, twenty astral shards, and a supreme resurrection cake. It would sell at a price point of $39.99.

The collector’s edition would include the Eberron Explored expansion, the shifter race and a character slot, fifty astral shards, two supreme resurrection cakes, an ethereal rest shrine, a heroic horrid wolf companion (its like a dire wolf, but stronger), exclusive Karrnathian cosmetics (as pictured here, second from the right), an exclusive spire dragon cosmetic pet (seen below), and a code for thirty days of VIP game time. The price point would be $79.99.


And finally the ultimate fan bundle! It would includes all of the collector’s edition, with 90 more astral shards, another supreme resurrection cake, another ethereal rest shrine, six mirrors of glamering, a legendary horrid wolf companion, exclusive Aundairian cosmetics ( same picture, second from left), an exclusive furitive filcher cosmetic pet (again, seen below), a code for 60 days of vip game time (this replaces the 30 day code seen above), access to the dwarvern artificer iconic, ten slots of shared storage, a racial enhancement point tome on all characters (and those made in the future), and an airship beacon that will bring you to the Golden Dragon. This will be the most expensive of the three, ringing up as $129.99. All the prices are before taxes (because same states do in fact charge taxes on digital goods.)


So with that, I think I have covered all the bases of this concept. I think I will start researching that Phiarlan article I keep saying I am going to write… eventually…


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