MyDDO: 10 Years of Awesome

On February 28, 2006 Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach launched. In those ten years we have seen two title changes, first to Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited and the to just Dungeons and Dragons Online, and a change from a monthly subscription model to a free to play model.  We have had 2 expansions, Menace of the Underdark and the Shadowfell Conspiracy, and a myriad of updates. All and all it has been a great ten years. And how do you celebrate a great ten years? With a kick ass party of course!!!

In House Phiarlan’s enclave, in the Phiarlan chapter house, the Coin Lords have prepared an amazing party for the anniversary of the founding Stormreach.


However, before you even get into the party, you find out that there are some things that are amiss. First, sitting outside of the chapter house, is a very interesting person.


That is brand/commerce manager Tolaro. And she is not the only Turbine staff member making an appearance. Take a look.


Pictured from left to right are DDO QA Team – Cocomajobo (the giant eyeball), World Builder – Kintani (the black dragon), Quality Assurance – KookieKobold (kobold), Quality Assurance – LordofFire (fire flenser), and DDO QA Intern – Gaia_Liten (the human sorcerer/wizard). I love how the quality assurance have already set the place one fire.

Also shown is dev The_Mighty_Cube as of course a cube, and world designer NoWorries as a fiendish troll.

But they are not all. There are also four optional “bosses” that are also yet more devs. First, there is the man, the myth, the legend, the former host of DDOCast, Jerry Snook aka Cordovan.


He is a community manager, and his in game model is based off of his old character, Mockduck.

There is also developer Steelstar, who is modeled as a warforged artificer testing a build.


I like how when he drops he starts wondering ways to better the build.

Also there is Executive Producer Severlin, who takes the form of a brooding Cormyrian human sitting on a throne surrounded by skulls.


And finally on the battle dev front we have developer Vargouille. His in game model is one of the most disturbing things in the game. And this is coming from someone who loves the Lords of Madness chains. His model is… well… take a look for yourself.


Its based on the actual Vargouille from Dungeons and Dragons, which always gave me the creeps.

The Devs are not the only people at party. After all it wouldn’t be the a party with out guest. First is a group consisting of Elminster, the Daelkyr, and a deva playing Dungeons and Dragons… I am not kidding about that.


Also are a familiar looking parting consisting of warforged barbarian, an elf wizard, a halfling rogue, and a human cleric.


Observant players will notice that they are the players from the opening cinematic. They are also in online fiction Shadows of Stormreach. That story was released as a prequel to the game on the Dungeons and Dragons website and can be found here.

Also at one of the tables you notice some individuals with some very familiar names. Names like Velah, The Truthful One, Sinvala, Varath, and a couple of others.


These are various dragons from throughout the game. The one of great interest to me is the dragon on the far right. Aussircaex is her name. She is the white dragon from Korthos Island, the one that was being controlled by the Mindsunder. Speaking of Korthos, in here we also encounter some friends we made on said island. We once again see Talbron Tewn, and Cellimas Villuhne.


Suspiciously, Jeets Shimis is missing. Wonder where he is.

I love this event. Not only is there a party, but every character gets a token that they can trade in to get some really fun gear, like old raid gear. Also, completing the dungeon gets you Party Favors, which you can trade in to get some really interesting stuff.

At this time I want to reflect on my own experiences with DDO.  I had been fallowing DDO since it was in its original beta, way WAY back in early 2006. But I wasn’t able to play. Money has been and still an issue with me.  When it went free to play I hopped right in. I posted to the MyDDO, and devoured content. I was part of the DDOCast build guild, and have met some pretty cool people. In those seven years I have played the game and have enjoyed every second of my time in it. I have taken a few brakes, but always find myself returning to it. Even in those nine years I have managed to put some money into the game. In my time playing I have purchased:

  • All but the three most recent adventure packs
  • The Half-Orc and Half-Elf Races
  • The Artificer Class
  • Five Character Slots
  • The Collectors Edition of both Menace of the Underdark and the Shadowfell Conspiracy
  • Various cosmetics such as pet tricks, armor kits, and the like
  • Various gold seal Hirelings.

All and all I think I have spent $200 in the span of nine years, or about $22 a year. I do not regret spending a dime on it ether. I just wish I could get the last three packs. Especially sense one of them is Temple of Elemental Evil, a classic module that I have always loved. This is a game that I love and I loved to support. Here is to ten years of DDO and hopefully another ten to come. Happy Birthday DDO!!!


Special thanks to Cordovan aka Jerry Snook for supplying the screenshots of the Boss Devs, because every time I would try to set up the to take a screenshot, I would get dropped like a sack of bricks. So thank you so much for that. You are a life saver sir.


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