Well with the rebirth I am putting this all through, lets start the new chapter of this book with a new series. This time Let’s take a look at Rooster Teeth’s RWBY.


RWBY is an online animated series produced by Rooster Teeth Studios. It was created by the late Monty Oum, the creator of the popular Dead Fantasy videos. The title is an anagram for the four main characters of the series, as well their team. The first trailer premiered on November 07, 2012. It focused on the character Ruby Rose, although at the time the character was not named. The trailer showed off the cell shaded; anime inspired art style that the show would continue to use to now. It also shows the high impact action that series would become popular for. In February of the next year we got trailers for Weiss Schnee, soon fallowed by one for Blake Belladonna, and finally Yang Xiao Long two months after that.

The story of the world is that of the world of Remnant. A world that was once separated by war. This world is protected by hunters and huntresses against creatures called Grimm.


Grimm are manifestations of pure negativity. And as such they are drawn to negative emotions, such as fear and panic. Needless to say that during that war I mentioned, these things ran rampant. They sort of remind me of the Hallows from Bleach.  To fight these creatures the characters have a variety  of tools. From the mystical auras and personal semblances, to the amazingly outlandish weapons, such as a scythe that turns into a high powered sniper rifle. Also, shotgun gauntlets.


As I said before, the art in RWBY is a cell shaded anime style that looks amazing. Its style is crisp and clean. Nothing looks grossly disproportionate. The score to every episode is beautiful. The voice acting is has a few hiccups but for the most part they can be forgiven as the vast majority of it is amazing.  Motion capture is used as much as it can be, Monty Oum providing a good chunk of it himself during the first season and a half.

All that being said, if there is one gripe I have with RWBY it’s the story. Not the lore. The lore of Remnant is amazing, as it even gets its own series called (of course) Remnant. The story however seems very much just to exist to anchor the fighting. In a world where such beautiful lore exists, story seems to take a back seat. Character growth seems to be rushed into two episode arcs, and since each episode is equal to about half an episode of a regular tv show it means that basically fallows the trope if heavy character development in a short time.  However as of the third season, this seems to be changing.

I feel that with all of the above the mentioned I can say that RWBY is a strong series, and I hope to see the ending that Monty had planed come to pass.

As I said earlier RWBY was created by Monty Oum. As its creator, he did a lot of the animation, writing, and motion caption work himself. That was until January 22, 2015. Monty was hospitalized following a severe allergic reaction during a routine medical procedure. He slipped into coma and was in critical condition, as stated by Bernie Burns. On February 2nd of the same year, Matt Hullum of Rooster Teeth announced that Monty had passed away. It was stated in a memorial stream that a majority of further plot points had been divulged to other members of the RWBY team before Monty’s passing.  The series has continued since then.


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