What the WoW: Improvements to the WoW Armory app

Welcome to the first article in What the WoW… okay technically second. You could count one of the entrants of Tales from the Table as one, technically. Anyway, What the WoW is a series about… anyone? Anyone at all? You in the back? That’s right we’re going to talk about World of Warcraft. I have played mostly sense Cataclysm, though for the most part I skipped Pandaland. I got back into it when my best friend asked me to start playing again. With the new Draenor expansion I have seen some things that have me asking, why is this not in the mobile armory?

Let’s start that with the new garrison feature. See in garrisons you get what’s called followers. This is how they are displayed:


You send these followers on missions for things such as gold, character experience, follower experience, gear, etc. The mission load out looks like this:


So I have a simple question. Why can’t we do this from the armory? The WoW mobile armory has shown that it can focus in on individual characters on a person’s account. They have shown this by accessing the character’s guild, and auction house. So why can’t we send followers out on missions from the mobile armory? It can’t be that the interface is to clunky. We get a simpler one as a readout on our HUDs on our maps. They look like this:


That is the available missions, and this is the general Garrison report (which would also be useful):


At the time I am writing this, the WoW armory has not gotten a major update sense February of 2014.  I’m not asking for fully functional garrison maintenance, the ability to send out and claim missions would be useful.

You know what else would be useful? The ability to chat with Battle.net friends while mobile. I don’t know how useful this would be in the armory itself, but there are apps for Skype, Steam, AIM, and the armory even allows for guild chat. They could even use the current layout for the friends list that exists:


I know me and my best friend use it to talk about business while we play WoW and having this on a phone would be very very useful in case say one of us is on wow and the other is not even near their computer. That may just be me though.


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