MyDDO: Madness is its Own Reward

So at the time I am writing this, Update 24: Heart of Madness has been released for Dungeons and Dragons Online. It focuses on the Daelkyr. I love this. Why? Well let me share with you some lore.


The Daelkyr are also known the Lords of Madness. They hail from the plane of Xoriat, the Realm of Madness (noticing a theme?). They came to Eberron during the Age of Monsters almost 9000 years ago. With them came their minions, most known being the beholder kin and the illithid (mind flayers).  You know, like Fred.


Also on their arrival they started to warp the citizens of the goblin empire that was predominant on the the continent of Khorvaire. They turned goblins into dolgrim, hobgoblins into dolgaunt, and bugbears into dolgrue. Not even halflings were safe, as they were turned into chokers. The daelkyr were fought off most successfully by the Gatekeeper druids and their black dragon ally, Vvaraak. The Gatekeepers used minor artifacts called dimensional seals to seal of Xoriat from Eberron, preventing anymore bleed from the realm of madness to effect the world. However six daelkyr were left stranded on Eberron, sealed away in Khyber, the underdark of the world.

To date we have encountered two of the daelkyr in DDO, Belashyrra (the lord of eyes) and Orlassk (the lord of stone).

So what have the daelkyr been doing since their imprisonment in Khyber? Well to be honest, no one really knows. While they tend to be revered by the Cults of the Dragon Below, in truth they have nothing to do with them. What we do know is that one or two have been screwing around with things called Husks of Infinite Worlds. This terrible devices mutate anyone inside of them into monstrosities… if they survive the exposure to countless maddening realms. Even those just exposed to its presence it can be warped. Well at least their children are. Children born to a parent that has been exposed to the presence of a Husk of Infinite Worlds are born as daelkyr half-bloods. They are born with a symbiote  as a twin. Symbiotes are living organisms created by the daelkyr that act as weapons and/or armor.

So the question that all of this is meant to answer is this. Why do I love the daelkyr? Well, there is a simple one word answer for that, Cthulhu.

One of my favorite stories ever is Call of Cthulhu. Think about it. The daelkyr are heavily based on the cthulhu mythos. Alien beings from another realm? Check. So powerful that their actual presence causes insanity and mutations? Check… kind of. Having a cult of followers that they really don’t care about? Check. Seeing the people of the world as ether nothing, or at the most as toys? Yep, that’s there to. They fit so well into the concept of horror that is set up in Lovecraftian stories. That’s why I have always enjoyed them.

Well, speaking of Cthulhu, I’m going to take a moment to self plug something here.

Right now Mattel has a series of dolls called Monster High, and my best friend (I’ve mentioned her on my blog before) is a massive fan. They are all based off of classic monsters. So one day she was showing them to me them and sarcastically I said “What’s next, Cathy Lou, daughter of Cthulhu?” Two weeks later she messaged me on facebook to tell me that she has already started ordering parts for Cathy. That was this past summer. We finished designing and prototyping her just before NYCC. So I present to you Cathy Lou, daughter of Cthulhu.


Recently she hit over 1000 like on her Facebook, something both me and my best friend are pleasantly surprised about. We are hoping that Mattel sees her and picks her up as an actual doll. you can find more about her on her Facebook (linked above) Instagram, and twitter. Please share her, like her, and maybe this crazy (see what I did there?) dream will happen.


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