My Stance on Cosplay

Oh boy. I have tried multiple times to write this, and tried to record a video for it four times. Every time it has become a rambling mess. I have finally admitted to myself that this is going to piss some people off. So here we go again.

Before I get to deep into this I need to make a couple of things clear. First, I am not a cosplayer. I have tried a couple of times, and they have come out pretty bad. Second, I feel I should make my definition of cosplay known. Cosplay is the art (let me emphasis ART) of dressing up as an interpretation of a character from any fandom. This includes, but is not limited to movies, cartoons, video games, and anime. Now that’s all out of the way, let’s get this show on the road.

Cosplay really came into the lime light at San Diego Comic Con 2009, when Jessica Nigri’s “Sexy Pikachu” cosplay went viral.


This being the world’s first “real” experience has caused, in my opinion, an issue with the way cosplay is viewed. In an interview with cosplayer Princess Nightmare, I asked her what cosplay means to her, and well, hear her response for yourself. The truth is that it’s because of a vocal minority that it seen this way.

So here we come to my stance on cosplay. Cosplay. As I see it, is at an impasse. See, there are two ways that cosplay can go. It can go down the path where costumes like the one above will continue to be the norm. I am in no way saying that they are bad, let me make that clear. They are just not my thing. The other way it can go is the path where costumes contain heavy detail.

First, Let me explain my reasoning against ones such as the one above. Again, I want to say that they ARE NOT BAD. My issue is that many of the cosplayers who attempt cosplays like the one above do so in hopes of emulating the success that Miss Nigri has had. It’s the mentality of the cookie cutter replications you see in MMOs and most TCGs (trading card games). I need to also make it clear that I DO NOT FEEL THIS IS THE CASE FOR ALL. Wow, a lot of things I need to make clear.

What do I want to see? I want to see cosplayers come forward with unique concepts for characters. I want to see effort in designing these concepts. I want to see cosplayers cosplay to their body types… damn it another thing I need to make clear. Okay, I am not saying that someone cannot cosplay a certain character because of their body type. I am saying that I want to see you come up with a concept of that character that suits you and your body type.

So the question I know have is how do we get there? I’m going to leave that to you. As for me, this was just a chance to ramble. I know that some aren’t going to like this. I understand that. I will say this, if you do want to see some really good cosplays check out There is More then One Hot Cosplayer on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “My Stance on Cosplay”

  1. I think I understand what you’re saying here.
    I agree with cosplaying a character that has resemblance to you aesthetically.
    I am now trying to choose characters that have my complexion or face shape or eye shape to make it a better and more confident experience for me when i wear them.
    But I think a lot of people cosplay for the sake of showing their admiration for a character, not necessarily looking like them.
    I think people don’t like to admit that the ‘sexy’ or revealing cosplay genderbends or whatever can be quite creative too.
    Take this armoured snow white for example, yeah its fleshy but what armoured female isnt represented as fleshy now in pop culture. and she looks bad ass.

    1. I think you may misunderstand me. When I say body type, I don’t mean race or gender. I mean body shape. There are cases where I’ve seen cosplays of women and even some men who did not have a proper cosplay for their body shape. I have no problem with gender bending or cosplaying outside of your race. African American woman wants to do rogue that’s fine. If a white guy wants to do a cross play of storm that’s fine. But I want to see them do it in a way that is unique and suits their body shape.

      1. Oh no I got the race thing, people can cosplay what they want, I just mean because I’m stupidly pale I personally choose not to cosplay a character thats tanned to avoid a bad orange fake tan.

        Yeah I agree with the body shape thing. Not everyone has a catsuit body but thats no reason why you can’t make it your own so you can be black widow or cat woman in your own way that flatters you.

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