So, An Explanation or NEW YORK COMIC CON!!!!!

So I know that I have been lacking content lately. Let me explain why. I was getting ready for what is a big event for me and an even bigger event for my friend’s company, Princess Nightmare. I have mentioned her before here, twice. In the months leading to the event, we were in such crunch that doing anything else was kind of on the back burner.

Before I get into the meat of this article there are two groups I want to call attention to. The first is Anime Eyez. They were in the booth across from us. They were really cool to us and even supplied Kate (Princess Nightmare herself) and another person with contacts for their cosplays respectively.


They deal in high quality contact lenses and if your looking for some really nice ones I advice checking them out.

The second is Hobby They were next to us, and again really cool and polite. They were next to us last year as well. They had some really cool anime merchandise.

Okay so Comic Con. So we did set up Tuesday, and the convention started Thursday. I spent most of it behind the booth. This was what our booth looked like set up.


Over all the convention was a success. Kate spent three of the days in the Game of Thrones cosplay above. Don’t ask me to name the character. I know what character it is, but spelling it is a trick and a half that I don’t want to try. The other day of the con she was dressed as Kitty Pride from the X-Men.


The lovely Rogue there is Alissa (Alikat), another person who worked at the booth with us. Also at the booth was Loren, Kate’s boyfriend Jon, Candy, and Candy’s daughter Elle.

We busted our asses at the convention. Even in cosplay, Kate was working on product for the booth.


I did manage to get the away from the booth and get pictures and here is my reaction as I took them.


“Holy crap. This way more people then what was here last year.” (Took this at the booth)


“Hmm… Wonder why I stopped reading the Walking Dead.” (I stopped reading somewhere around issue 125)


“Well that took long enough. Art style was still better in Hellboy though.”


“Oooo… New Bionicle. I LOVE Bionicle” (Bionicle was my favorite Lego set.)


“’How to Train your Dragon 2’ got a booth? That’s a pleasant surprise.”


“Secret Wars… Aga… Wait is that Miles? That’s the Superior Iron Man facing a regular one. Does this have to do with the incursions? Welp, color me intrigued.”


“Well that’s pretty damn cool.” (I did not take this picture, but I did see the booth. It was pretty cool. Would have been cooler if it breathed smoke, but you can do that with a booth.)




“Huh, IDW is making an Edward Scissorhands comic. Can’t say I’m not intrigued.”


Okay this one is a tangent. Why was Chevy at NYCC? No, I mean seriously. WHY THE HELL WAS CHEVERLET AT NYCC? Everyone there had something doing with geek or pop culture. I mean, if I remember correctly some of the Transformers in the Bay movies were were Chevy, but is that it? Because there was absolutely nothing there to show that. Are they a major sponsor? I mean that could make sense because I don’t know if anyone besides Reed Pop is involved.

I have one more convention to go. I will once again be helping Kate, this time at GKE (Geek Kink Event) to liquidate some old product. After that I will attempt to get myself on a bi-weekly update schedule. These articles could be MyDDO, Web-Slinger’s Tale (or Spotlight), or something entirely different. I know that the next article is going to be the end to the Land of the Rising Spider series I am writing for Web-Slinger’s Tale.


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