Tales from the Table: The Wailing Caverns

I like the Warcraft lore. When I found out that there was a World of Warcraft campaign setting for DnD you bet I scooped it up and ran a campaign. I ran a cross faction campaign, meaning players were both Alliance and Horde. The party consisted an orc barbarian (who had an intelligence of 7, which became a running joke), a night elf priest, a human mage, and a tauren warrior. Now for those of you that have never seen a tauren before, please let me enlighten you. This is a tauren:


They usually stand between six and nine feet tall. Also that thing on his back? That’s a weapon called a totem, and its basically a tree trunk. Yes, the party’s tauren had one. Anyway all of this is important.

I decided to have the party go into an area known as Wailing Caverns. Wailing Caverns is normally a dungeon in the World of Warcraft MMO. It is linked to a plane called the Emerald Dream. The Emerald Dream is a world much like the prime material plane (a player’s home plan) except without the encroachment of civilization. It’s from there that druids get their powers. Anyway in my version of Wailing Caverns, I had these pools of emerald liquid. These pools were portals to the Emerald Dream. You could see into them and see the dream, or if you touched them, your spirit would be shunted to the plane in the form of what I figured was a good interpretation of a spirit animal for you. The mage of the party decided to stick his hand into the pool, and you can figure out that part from there.

Now I will give credit where credit is do. The party could have written him off as dead. Left his body there, and been done with it. They didn’t though. The tauren hefted the mage onto his back and carried him through the entire dungeon. See they figured if they could find the guy they had been sent to save, he may be able to help the mage. So through the whole dungeon the mage is literally being carried. Even while in combat. And you know what? They did a great job keeping the body safe. That is until they got to the final room. In that room they fought a giant serpent. To give you an idea, imagine this:


the size of a TAUREN!!!! So the party rolls for initiative, and the tauren goes first. Now not only did he have a totem, but he also had a weapon that was basically a halberd (the name escapes me at the moment). He rolled to hit the snake with this weapon and rolled… a natural 1. At this point I should point out that while I had stopped using the crit chart, I was (and still am) using a fumble chart. I had the player roll. They rolled and the result was that they slipped and fell backwards. Right on top of the mages soulless body. The mage started to die (I think he was brought down to –2 hit points) and only thanks to a) the quick thinking of the priest, and b) the party killing the serpent before he died, did he survive. He even found his own way back to his body. I mean yeah, he had a few broken bones from a 7 foot something cow man falling on him, but hey he was back.

So that’s the story. Next time: II ‘m actually not sure. It took me so long to write this. The fact is Tales from the Table did not pick up the way I wished it to. So for the time being this is the final Tales from the Table. Is it the end permanently? No, just a hiatus.


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