My Seven Favorite Song Covers

So I haven’t been updating as much as I would like to and I want to get some content on the page. Anyway, If you read the title then you know what you are in for. That being said please keep this in mind. A) These are MY favorite covers. I am in no way saying they are the best and in fact may not be, b) I am in no way saying that these covers are better then the originals, and c) I am not saying I prefer the cover over the original. I just like these covers. Also understand that these are in no particular order. Now lets get this underway.

Hurt – Johnny Cash – Original by Nine Inch Nails

Its amazing how different the two versions sound to me. The Nine Inch Nails version sounds like someone strung out, realizing that they have a problem, but feeling its too late to do anything about it. It sounds like they have resided to their addiction, that it is all their life is now.

Cash’s however sounds like a man looking back on his life and finding regrets. He sounds like he is asking for a little more time to try and make it right, but understands that it will not happen. A fact that is more poignant with the fact that not long after recording the track he passed away from complications due to diabetes. Something I am all too familiar with.


Moonspell – I’ll See You in My Dreams – Original by Isham Jones and the Ray Miller Orchestra

Again this is a case of me liking the cover because of the feel of the song by the band singing it. The original (which as hard I tried I could not find a decent version with the lyrics) sounds like a man singing about a love he had who left him for someone else. The Moonspell version sounds like someone grieving for a loss of someone killed by someone else. Yes the original is a jazz song, and Moonspell’s cover is metal. Again though that’s what changes the feel of the song.


Israel “IZ” Kamakawiio’ole – Somewhere over the Rainbow – Original sung by Judi Garland

This is one of those times when II ‘m not sure why I like the cover. Both versions have pretty much the same tone, IZ’s sounding a bit more optimistic. I don’t know, maybe I just like the ukulele.


Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal – Original by Michael Jackson

Okay, See this is one of those where the addendum that I said that I am not saying the cover is better then the original. It’s not. And that’s the point. Alien Ant Farm has gone on record saying that they did it and its video as an homage to Michael Jackson. That’s why so many references to the original are in the video. That’s why I like this cover, it was done out of respect (not that most covers aren’t).


Gary Jules – Mad World – Original by Tears for Fears

I like this cover because to me this song should be somber and sad. The original, to me, does not do that because of the heavy synth usage. Again, that is not to say the original is bad, just the cover suites the song better in my opinion.


Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix – Radeoactive – Original by Imagine Dragons

I am massively impressed by both Lindsey Stirling and the group Pentatonix, and this shows off there talents extremely well. For those who don’t know, Pentatonix is an a cappella group. That means no instrumentals. They one the CBS music contest “The Sing Off”. Just listening, its easy to forget the only two instruments in the song is a violin and a cello.


Pentatonix – Various Songs – Daft Punk

What’s that? This isn’t a cover? O but I beg to differ. To me the definition of a cover is an artist doing their own take on a song. In this case its multiple songs by Daft Punk. The songs are:


One More Time

Get Lucky

Digital Love

Harder Better Faster

Television Rules the Nation

I mean I will admit that putting this is a cheat as it is multiple songs, but not because its not a cover.


So that’s it. Those are my seven favorite song covers. You can disagree if you want. That’s your opinion. Your allowed to.


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