Web-Slinger’s Spotlight: Dan Slott

So first things first. I have written one of these before, but I never explained what the purpose these are. Web-Slinger’s Spotlight is about focusing on something connected to Spider-Man but not actually the webhead himself. Be that characters, writers, or artists. That being said, its time to look at the current writer of Amazing Spider-Man. So let me get a fire extinguisher and take a look at Dan Slott.


Dan Slott became the writer of ASM in 2010, starting with the Big Time “arc”. Before that though, he had a good run on She-Hulk and a decent run on Avengers. Before all of that though, he worked on a comic adaptation little known animated series. I’m sure you never even heard of it.


That was um, that was sarcasm. Anyway, I will say that I liked Slott’s start on the title.I was really happy with Big Time because it finally did something that was not really done for awhile. It put Peter in a lab. It let him show that he was, in fact, a genius. It even gave way to one of my favorite suits. The stealth suit showed Peter’s ingenuity when he was fighting the new Hobgoblin.


I enjoyed Spider-Island. I liked the fact that it, in way, got rid of the stupid “magic” explanation the Quesada gave during OMiT (I have something planned for that). There is an article coming on Spider-Island as well. After Spider-Island though, Slott’s writing (to me at least) felt it was deteriorating. I was very meh about Ends of the Earth, a story that had Doctor Octopus holding half of the world hostage with a death ray. As for Dying Wish… that may or may not be getting an article, but ASM 700 pissed me right the hell off. I have made my opinion on Superior Spider-Man known. I hated it’s wasted potential.

Which brings me here. Warning, the fallowing will contain spoilers. At the time that I am writing this, issue four of the Amazing Spider-Man renumbering has just come out. It is a tie-in to the Original Sin event going on in the main Marvel universe. It introduces a character named Cindy Moon, aka Silk.


She was also bitten by the spider that gave Peter his powers. What powers did it give her? Well mostly the same as Parker. She also has organic webbing the is shot from her fingertips, just like ultimate Spider-Woman/Black Widow. Oh, and the power to cause Peter to have a raging hard on…


No, I’m not going to give context for that picture. It’s not needed. This isn’t it ether. The fallowing questions are all the questions that Dan Slott has caused me during his run. Strap yourselves in folks, time for a rage train.

Why would Peter assume that Morlun is gone for good? Parker has fought him twice and both times has killed him. Not only that but Peter has come back from death THREE TIMES. Once in his first encounter with the Queen when he was turned into a giant spider, then again in the Other when he killed Morlun for the second time. Finally at the end of Superior Spider-Man when he got his body back. There was a line in Street Fighter that, when modified, is appropriate. When a regular person in comic books comes back it’s the most important day of their lives, but for super heroes, its Tuesday.

Why is Black Cat a villain? I’ve said before that Black Cat is one of Peter’s closest friends and confidants, second only to Mary Jane. Also, she’s not a thief any more. She was a private investigator. The only thing close to being a thief that she did was that she would reacquire people’s stolen property for them, and those people had to be able to prove it was theirs. Now she wants to rip out Spider-Man’s heart so that other villains will respect her. WHAT?!

If Mary Jane’s logic for not dating Peter anymore is because his responsibilities as Spider-Man puts his life in constant risk, why is she dating a fire fighter now? No, seriously. She says it One Moment in Time. Now though, she seems to be ok with the strain of not knowing if her boyfriend is ok or not.

Why was everyone so stupid during Superior Spider-Man? During the whole run ether no one questioned Peter’s actions or when they did, no one used any common sense to figure out what the hell was going on with him. It was like everyone was lobotomized.

Why did Spider-Man and Silk start making out? They JUST met each other. I know that she is supposed to be another Midtown High Student that went to the demonstration, but Peter gave no inclination of knowing her. Not even a little thought that said “She looks familiar.” NOTHING!!!

Why did Jameson have it out for Horizon Labs? Max Modell was his late wife’s good friend. Also during Spider-Island, Horizon came up with a cure for the Spider-Plague.

Okay, the rage train has come to a complete stop.

I think Dan Slott has reached the end of his run. Hell as it stands right now he is writing two series for Marvel, Amazing Spider-Man snd Silver Surfer. Have him write Silver Surfer and give Spider-Man to someone else. Someone who would actually do the character some good. If he wasn’t writing New Warriors I would say give it to Chris Yost. Just no more Slott. PLEASE?!?


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