Tales from the Table: Just a bad choice of Words

There is really no real build to this story. A player stepped away from the table to use the rest room. This particular player was that guy. The one player where you feel you that you should avoid attractive female NPCs in a campaign. So when he stepped away he to the rest room at the start of an encounter. he had rolled at the bottom of the initiative so we figured he had time. So the first round of combat wind down and it got to his turn. So we waited. And waited. AND waited. 20 min went by. One of my other players got impatient and decided to see what was taking him so long. He leaned back in his chair, and right in the middle of the store we were playing in and yelled “Yo, Back-Dorian (the player’s character was in fact named Dorian), it’s your turn!!!” From the rest room we here “I’m coming right now!!!” Now because of the type of person this player was, the amount of time that the player was in the rest room, and the inflection in his voice, it made it seem like he was more occupied then just going to the bathroom in there. I lost it. I could not stop myself from laughing so hard that I fell off of the chair I was sitting on. The player in question got back to the table and found me laughing so hard that I was having a hard time even breathing. He looked confused. So that’s really the whole story.

Next time, I’ll tell the story of what happens when a DM (me) rolls single digits for 10 minutes straight.


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