MyDDO: Tales from the Table

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for the last ten years, and over this last ten years I have gathered quite a few stories from the table top. Also I am a big fan of Counter Monkey. So why am I filing the intro into MyDDO? Well, because I don’t want to share just mine. I want to share your stories as well. I want to hear your tales of your parties exploits, and I want to put them here for all to see. So if you have a story your willing to share, e-mail it to me at Send me the story, the name you wish to be credited as, and any other information you want on the article. I hope to get some fun stories to put up. You can find Tales from the Table here. Next time, I tell the story of why I had to stop using crit charts. It involves a catfolk, a shield, and one really REALLY unfortunate solider.


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