MyDDO: A Stream of Memories

On May 8th I gathered four people from the Mud2MMO stream for a memorial stream for my mother, who passed on May 9th of 2013. We ran the Korthos starting area. I want to publicly thank Tyger, Gryph, Arly, and Yumi for joining me. I am using their handles from the stream because I don’t have their permission to use their real names, so I am doing it out of respect. I will say to check out Tyger’s Mud2MMO on youtube. Also check out his stream. He normally posts on Facebook and Twitter when he is going to go live. Arly, Gryph, and Yumi also have their own streams. Gryph can be found here, Arly here, and Yumi here. You four don’t know me very well personally, and yet you four took time out to not only make what would have been a hard night easier, but made it pretty enjoyable. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You can find an archive of the stream here. (I had some difficulty during the night, and the stream dropped a few times. Including Mother Nature herself saying the stream was done.)

  • Players and Characters:
    • Tyger – Rusgon  Elf Ranger
    • Gryph – Zhaniel  Elf Favored Soul
    • Arly – Kwita  Halfling Paladin
    • Yumi – Yumikana  Elf Rogue
    • Mops (Myself) – QuarionIII  Elf Wizard

The reason I  cut out in the last video is because Mother Nature decided that was what time I should end the stream.

I had a lot of fun with everyone, and I really do want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I hope I get to have some further adventures with them in the city of Stormreach.

  • Real quick, some lawyer repellent:
    • The Deadale Wives DnD comedy sketch is by the Deadale Wives and is owned by the Deadale Wives.
    • Real Folk Blues is by the Seatbelts and is owned by Victor Entertainment.
    • The Bard’s Song (in the forest) is by Blind Guardian and is owned by Virgin records.

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