MyDDO: Finally Broke the Barrier


So, about this time last year I wrote this article. The character I headlined in the article was my main character, Renockus d’ Phiarlan (Renny or Ren for short). He can be found on the Orien server.  At the time that I wrote the article, he was level 16. Why am I saying all this. Well on April 2nd of this year I successfully broke a barrier that I thought I would never brake. Ren is officially my first DDO character to brake Epic Level. At the time of me righting this, he is a level 16 rogue, 4 fighter. So what has changed from that article to now? Well lets take a look.


The above is Ren’s original enhancement tree when the new enhancement was brought to live.  Below is the what his enhancements looked like when he hit level twenty.


So looking at the two trees some of the changes are obvious. I got rid of the chain of enhancements that dealt extra damage with rapiers, the sense being that at this point I have slid away from the use of them. So what are the abilities that overlapped? Well, starting with the race tree:

So what do these do for my character. The dragonmark of shadow is useful as it allows for greater stealth.  Binding Shadows also weakens my opponents, making them easier to remove from the equation. Elven accuracy and elven dexterity make it easier to hit whatever mobs come at me. So that’s the racial enhancements. I would go more in depth with the enhancements I took for classes, but that would take longer then I really wish to. So what I can say is you can find the explanation for them here. The best I can say is what I took was to help with stealth and subterfuge. Poisons, stealth, improved sneak attack, these were the tools that of the assassin, and they are the tools that I enhanced.  I will say some of my favorite enhancements are Venomed Blades (adds an additional d8 poison damage to my weapons), Dagger in the Back (uses my Dex modifier for my weapon damage), and Sneak Attack Training (ads more sneak attack dice for damage.)

I’m going to be honest, I never thought I would get a character to 20. I have taken so many breaks from the game that even my guild mates were making jokes about how I was 16 for forever (even after I gained levels past it). I didn’t even notice that I was about to gain level 20 when it happened. I was very proud when it did.

So as an level 20 character I gained access to epic destinies. What are those you may ask. Well, they are like enhancements, but you can only take them between level 20 and 28. The epic destiny I chose is the Shadowdancer.

Sadly though his progress to 20 must be marked with an asterisk. See, I will admit that levels 9 through 16 were gained via a stone of experience. This has lead to an issue of him not being flagged for most raids. The only ones he can do are The Chronoscope, Tempest Spine, and Vault of Night. Out of those the first two don’t count because anyone can do those. The only reason he has seen the Vault of Night was because a group was doing a loot run and was nice enough to let him join in. Also after running my first few epic dungeons has shown me that he is grossly under geared. Again this may be from not being able to do most of the big raids… and my desire not to give up certain pieces of equipment. What? I really like my Red Fens sets.


2 thoughts on “MyDDO: Finally Broke the Barrier”

  1. Congrats on hitting level 20!! I don’t have the best gear as well so I take the majority of the epic quests on Epic Normal for now. That difficulty is more forgiving about those requirements. Have fun with the Shadowdancer tree!!

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