Web Slinger’s Spotlight: Black Cat

Ah October. The time of year when ghouls ghosts and witches. You know what goes well with witches. Black Cats. Now I have segwaid into a doing a Halloween article about a character that has nothing to do with the super natural. Anyway, sense this is a spotlight about a character that is not Spider-Man, I’m going to do this a little different then I have in the past. So lets get started on Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat.

When I first read stories involving the Black Cat. I found the character shallow. Not her personality, but the character herself. She seemed like Marvel’s answer to DC’s Catwoman (who herself had premiered thirty nine years prier) Then I started to look more into the character, I found a depth there that I was not expecting from a character that seemed to have initially designed as eye candy alone.

Warning. The fallowing will contain spoilers. You have been warned.

Felicia Hardy was born the daughter of a thief who encouraged to never settle for second best. While much of her life before collage. However, in collage she had serious boyfriend. She chose not to sleep with this boyfriend until she felt ready. However, she was raped by this man after he got drunk at a party. She never told anyone about what happened until much later in life, to a man named Francis Klum. Seeking revenge on the man who raped her, she started training in kick boxing and gymnastics. On the night she planned on getting her revenge, the man who raped her was killed in a car accident. It was this training that she used in her initial outings as the Black Cat.

When Black Cat first appeared she had no powers. While attempting to make herself Spider-Man’s equal while he was missing do to the Secret Wars, a device was used on her by the Kingpin that gave her a “bad luck aura”. This aura struck those around her with horrible luck. Doctor Strange attempted to remove these powers after a time. Instead of removing the powers though, they were changed. They now consisted of heightened strength, agility, and vision. She also had retractable claws. Recently her bad luck powers were restored by the mad scientist, Doc Tramma.

Black Cat is also known for her purr miscues (I apologize for that, be glad I made it this far) behavior. She has had liaisons with Spider-Man (her most well known), Eugene “Flash” Thompson (Pre-Agent Venom), Thomas Fireheart aka Puma, James “Logan” Howlett aka Wolverine (the Claws mini-series), and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. However I personally believe that she still harbors strong feelings for Spider-Man. This is shown by her constantly referring to him by the pet name spider. Also by how she at one point went against the Rhino in an attempt to plant a tracer on him. This fight landed her in the hospital. Also services that she normally charges high prices for, she is more then willing to do for him for free. Even if it puts her at odds with other very powerful individuals such as Mister Negative.

Felicia has been in three of the Spider-Man animated series. In the 1990s series she was the daughter of John Hardasky, a infamous burglar know as the cat who was tricked into stealing the super solider serum for the Red Skull. In the Spectacular Spider-Man series she was a simple thief that recruited Spider-Man to help her in breaking out her father. Her father however chose to stay in jail and take responsibility for his actions. As for the Black Cat from the 1980s series all I could find was a picture:

Black Cat, being very attractive, is usually picked as a subject for cosplays and fan art. Much of the fan art seems to enhance her natural *ahem* assets. As for cosplays, I have seen quite a few but the the most purr-fect (again sorry couldn’t help myself) is this one:

Then again I know the model personally so I may be a tad biased. Anyway if you want to see more of her stuff you can see it here, and here. Well that’s it for the spotlight. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Next time… who knows?


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