MyDDO: All Mabar’s Eve

Autumn is upon us. The birds are flying south. The leaves on the trees are changing color. The dead are rising as the plane of endless night converges on the word. Maybe I should explain that. You see, in Dungeons and Dragons Online this is the time of year that everyone is gearing up for the games Halloween event, Mabar Festival. During this the dead rise in Dalara’s Graveyard, and players slay them to obtain collectables to turn in for motes of night. You use the motes of night to purchase upgradable items. After you get your item you will need to get more collectables. I’ll get into that more later. What I really want to talk about is Mabar itself.


Mabar, the Endless Night. Realm of the dead, right? Well, not exactly. While Mabar is home to some undead (shadows, bodak, and nightshades) it is not the realm of the dead. That honor goes to the Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead. Yet Mabar seems to have to most power that can effect undead. The plane is negatively aligned. Inflict spells (inflict *blank* wounds, harm, etc.) and spells that use negative energy are are maximized, while spells that use positive energy are impeded (only do half).

Also Mabar only converges on Eberron once in about every three years. However I can explain this yearly event. In the Dreaming Dark trilogy, a location was found that allowed access to the other plans. So what is to say the Coin Lords haven’t found a similar place under Stormreach. Anyway, the convergence of Mabar, whether  natural or artificial raises the dead from their graves. So lets talk about the actual event.

Every year in what is the end of October the dead rise. Parties of players hunt these dead to gather vampire fangs, chipped skulls, burnt black opals, and lich dust. They then may turn in these collectables for motes of nights. With these motes you can buy items that range from grenades that change you or an ally’s head to a skull or jack o’ lantern, to armors, hand wraps, even a cloak.  You can upgrade the items using more collectables, as well as getting a spectral dragon scale.

See every so often one those undead in the graveyard drop an ethereal key. You then use that key to fight the big guy up there. I really don’t want to get into the fight. It involves shadow gargoyles, flipping switches and there are people out there that are far better at describing the fight better then I am. Once you take him out you get a spectral dragon scale. It can take a few fights to upgrade an item to the point that you want it.

Anyway, you take all of these items to the Night Trader it will give you your motes of night. You then take your Motes and what ever collectables you, well, collected to to the Mote of Night Trader. They both kind of look like this:


That’s everything I can tell you about the plane, and the event. I can’t wait until it goes live this year. Renockus, my main character that I have mentioned on this blog before, has at least a level 16 Cloak of Endless Nights waiting for him.


3 thoughts on “MyDDO: All Mabar’s Eve”

    1. I think you mean the Signets of Endless Night. Unless those were introduced in one of the years that I missed the festival.

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