MyDDO: Forged by Blade

With the announcement of the Shadowfell Conspiracy, they also announced the creation of a new class type. The iconic class. With that I have decided to take a closer look the one that is available now, the bladeforged paladin. Now I’m going to look at I from a lore stand point and I’m going to show off my own here. So first lets meet Shindaito:


Side note real quick, I love that I was able to make him look a Predator.

So what is a bladeforged? A bladeforged is a warforged that has been sent back through a creation forge (the device that was first used in the creation of the warfarged) by the Lord of Blades, in an attempt to make them his perfect solider. He does this after the warfoged supposedly came to him asking for this. However the process has “washed away” the warforged’s memory. So as soon as you emerge from the creation forge, you are a new paladin. The also get a full set of gear and a very sweet set of cosmetic gear.


So let’s go over the lore of this guys.

First up is the creation forge.


The creation forges were supposedly created by House Cannith to create the warforged. However this my not be true, as some rudimentary ones can be found on the continent of Xen’Drik. The only people who know how to use them are the artificers of House Cannith. Well them and the Lord of Blades. Currently on Khorvaire there are supposedly three functioning creation forges. They are not in use however do to the treaty signed at the end of the last war preventing the creation of new warforged.

Bladeforged worship the Lord of Blades. DDO players know him as this guy:


To them he is a raid boss located in House Cannith. To someone like me, who has been DMing Eberron for a long time, he is the enigmatic leader if the warforged located in the Mournland. Worshipping him makes sense, because he does in fact inspire his supporters the same why a messiah would his followers. I mean he even has his own holy symbol:


However there are some things that don’t make any sense. Why would the bladeforged have the ability to cast cure spells? I mean game wise it makes sense. However, lore wise it doesn’t. You see, the Lord of Blades wants to subjugate and rule over the entire kingdom of Khorvaire. He doesn’t care at all for the fleshed races. Him and his followers refer to them as breathers. Then again there are certain aspects that would need to be changed for MMOs.

The bladeforged are a lot of fun. They hit like Mack trucks. I like them. I can’t wait to see what I can do with the new enhancement system when it comes out and I am enjoying having a new mid level character


8 thoughts on “MyDDO: Forged by Blade”

      1. How much does FvS cost and can it be purchased for a fellow player? If it isn’t too much, I’d be willing to get it for you come the first of August.

  1. Favored Soul cost 995 Turbine points, but you can not gift it nor the Turbine points for it. You used to be able to give points in the form of the codes on the Turbine point cards, but now finding them is a pain. I used to buy them from the game stop by me, but one day the just wouldn’t activate. Other game stops just stopped carrying them.

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