MyDDO: Wait a Minute

So I decided to make an artificer. I’ve had access to it for a while and just never really had the desire to make one. So I made one. After going through character creation I decided to run him through my “test.” The  test is if the character can make it through the Sharn Syndicate quest chain. Anyway, my artificer enters the second quest in the chain, Dirty Laundry, and I noticed some thing.


Well again I was curios. Which Siberys dragonmark is this one? My trick from here wouldn’t work, as the banner is just to dark for me to make out the least dragonmark. Well after some research, I found out that this was the mark of healing… in a counting house. Seriously, see for yourself.

Meh, whatever. I mean its not like they have a banner with the mark of scribing on it in her to.

Well ok at least that makes some sense, they have logbooks and there for would be scribing. Except for the fact that they are not gnomes. Whatever though I mean.

So I continued through the dungeon and was almost done when I saw something on a wall. Guess what it was. It was:


The least mark is cut off so I had to really compare this to the marks in the Eberron Campaign Setting.  After a few minutes I identified it as a sideways mark of … passage.

Ok, again this makes no sense. Why passage? Why not warding? Maybe sentinel. The better question is this. Do I care? Nope not in the slightest. I enjoy the game too much to let something like this actually bother me.


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