MyDDO: I got enhancements in my Pale Master

So awhile ago I wrote an article about the new enhancement system that we should be seeing at some point soon…ish. I also recently wrote an article Pale Masters. In that article I mentioned my original character, Hion. Well everyone say hello to Hion. Wave to the crowd Hion.


Or don’t. Sorry, the move to Lamannia has made him grumpy. Why is he on Lamannia? Well the enhancement system is back up there. Oh, and the armored fellow behind him? That’s Jack. I’ll explain him later. So let’s begin.


So this is Hion’s tree with everything spent. It was just easier to show this way. So sense he is a Pale Master primarily, lets start with that tree, and that tree starts with Dark Reaping:


So this ability makes your necromancy stronger the more points you put into the tree. It makes the concept of going purely in the tree quite tempting, but for me I still saw the need to branch out. Apologies for the pun. After taking this you can start spending your points on the other abilities in the tree. Including one that ups your hit points.


So this is the first tier of this ability. The other two tiers increase your hit points by 5, to a grand total of an additional 15 at tier 3.

So that guy standing behind Hion. I said his name was Jack. Well that’s not entirely true. I couldn’t name him. Anyway, here is a better picture of him:


I’m pretty sure you might notice that Jack is… well… Jack is a skeleton. Not why I call him Jack. More of a play on “you don’t know Jack.” We don’t know who he used to be. Anyway Hion got him from a Pale Master ability called Skeletal Knight.


I love this ability because wizards are kind of squishy. So a body guard like Jack here is incredibly useful. The best part of this is they even have enhancements to make him stronger. I’m going to let them speak for themselves:


You know what else is useful? Being able to take on aspects of things that are hard to kill.


In the article about Pale Masters, I mentioned how I felt the Pale Masters in DDO were more like what Pale Masters should be. The shrouds are the reason why. Pale Masters want to enter their own state of undeath without dying, and the shrouds do that. Hion has a total of three shrouds, the one above being my favorite. I really only took the two others so I could take the wraith. The others are more for melee purposes (yes people actually make melee wizards, and some of them are glorious.) I’m not one and every time I try to make one it bombs bigger then fat man and little boy. Also I really like how that shroud looks. It just seems to suit Hion:


They have an enhancement that makes shrouds stronger. I mean why not, It is one of the highlights of the Pale Masters:


Yes that is another shroud listed on there. I don’t have it yet but I can not wait.

The Pale Master tree also effects your necromantic effects. One increases the DC for your necromancy spells:


and one that increases the spell critical of your negative energy spells (I consider those necromancy):


Of course you need to have some new necromantic powers to use these enhancements on. The tree has three, and I have all three but I really only prefer two of them.

The other one is a touch attack, and as stated before I am not an up close type of guy. However because its negative energy I can use it to heal Jack. It does the same amount of damage as the two above.

So know we come to the ability that I see as the most useful ability they are giving the Pale Master. Its an ability that in my honest opinion can save a group.


Imagine your in a group things are going ok when the worst possible thing happens. The healer dies. With this you can raise him, and keep him up with death aura while he heals the party.  That is AWESOME!!!

So, I did say earlier that I did branch off to the Archmage. The enhancements I took were ones to give me more spellpoints:


And one to lower the amount the amount of threat he generates. Of course just like Pale Master, I did have to take a core ability. For the Archmage I took:


I won’t get a big boost from it but to access the tree its cool.  I also took the next step up from that, but that was more of a flavor reason.  So going through all of this I proved one thing to myself. Pale Masters are going to be a blast to run. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is this. If Hion was grumpy moving over to Lamannia temporally so I can try this, I can just imagine what his going to be like when he moves to Orien permanently (Yes, I just role played my character in a bad mood in an editorial.)


3 thoughts on “MyDDO: I got enhancements in my Pale Master”

  1. Glad that you’re getting something useful (and cool) out of the enhancement lines. We Monks look to be in generally poor shape in recreating our current builds with the new enhancements.

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