MyDDO: Something’s wrong here

So I was running Beyond the Rift today and decided to take a look around the Spinner’s prison. I had never actually looked at the banner before and decided to examine it.


I was trying to figure out which dragonmark that is. See it’s a special type of dragon mark called a siberys mark. So the question is which mark is it. Well lets look at the clues. First there are half-orcs in the room. So maybe its their mark, the mark of finding.

The siberys mark is the one on the bottom, and that’s not the mark on the banner. So then I decided to look at the mark of warding, sense that would make sense. It would be used to keep the effects of the rift at bay. So:

No that’s not it ether. So I used my trick. You see in the middle of siberys marks, you see the corresponding least dragonmark. So I found the least Dragonmark:


That’s the mark of scribing.

The banner is a reflected image of the siberys mark of scribing. The dragonmark is held by the gnomes, a race still not in the game. My question is why that mark? The other two marks make sense in one way or another. The mark of finding is the mark manifested by half-orcs. Half-orcs make the majority of the Gatekeepers, the druids who are in the spinners prison. The mark of warding can be used as I said before to ward the area from the effects of the rift. After the aspect of the flame left (I assume it left because we don’t see it any where in the prison) some one would have had to ward the area, The mark of scribing though? It just doesn’t make any sense.


6 thoughts on “MyDDO: Something’s wrong here”

  1. The Siberys Mark of Scribing’s spell effect is Symbol of Death. That banner could have been one of the wards intended to keep the Spinner of Shadows imprisoned.

  2. A symbol of death makes sense if you consider that there’s an entrance Lolth’s Demonweb right over there! Not a bad idea to set something up ahead of time, in case something comes through.

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