Need to Write This

Ok as the title says this is something I need to write.

On May 9th, 2013 my mother passed away. She was 61. She passed from an infection after an amputation. She was diabetic. A few of my friends had been lucky enough to meet her, one eve dubbing her Mama Mops. She loved that she got a nickname. For those who didn’t get to meet my mom, I wanted to say some things about her.

My mom raised 5 boys on her own. One of whom had Cerebral Palsy and was autistic. He weighed about 300 lbs. at one point and she would pick him up in and out of the tub every day almost twice a day for years. She was not a big woman ether. I mean look at her compared to me and my brothers James and John.

My mom treated all my friends like they were her kids. When I would call her on the phone she would ask how everyone was… individually. She used to look out for me and my friends when we would be outside play Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh! on the front stairs of the old apartment. She would even feed some of them.

She was the most forgiving person I have ever known and probably ever will know. It didn’t matter how much someone slighted her she would always forgive them. Always. Something I know I can’t do.

I did not see my mom much in her last days. That’s a regret I will always have. You see the last time I saw my mother is was after surgery to have her second leg amputated. She was in so much pain and I couldn’t bring myself to see her like that. So I decided to wait. I waited too long. I know everyone tells me I shouldn’t but I do.

I love my mother, and June 22 it would be her 62nd birthday. On that day I ask everyone to think of her. If you are a diabetic, or have a family member who is, please take care of yourself.

I wrote this to try and help myself through this situation. It’s helped a little.


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