Golgari Dragon’s Maze Part 5

So the Dragon’s Maze prerelease is this week, and all of the cards have been spoiled. So that means that I’m going to be looking the last of the of the Golgari cards. But first an update. In the last article, the cards’ effects were spoiled but not the cards themselves. Well here they are:

Ok, so now on to the last two of the Golgari cards.

So every guild got its own split card. One side being one of the guild’s colors, the other side being the other color. So lets look at the Golgari one:


I like the Dirty because it is useful to bring back cards from my graveyard, such as Grisly Salvage and a creature that I need. However Down, not so much. For one less, you can play Mind Rot. I would play it for Dirty, but not for Down.

The other card is a basic 3/3 with reach for four. Well kind of. It also has scavenge.


This is a card I can take or leave. I’m pretty neutral on it.

Well that’s it for the Golgari cards. With this I have finished my articles on Golgari. Here’s hoping I do well at the pre-release.


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