Golgari Dragon’s Maze Part 4

So this time I have two cards I can’t actually show the actual cards to you. Everything about the cards have been spoiled but their art. So I have made some mockups of the cards use a program called Magic Set Editor. The mockups include the proper rarity, and even flavor text.  So lets see the first one, Drown in Filth:


I think this is the first card that the spoiled that I can say flat out, I do not like it. One, your milling yourself for four, and you may mill something that you really need. Two, your trying to mill lands, something that in a Golgari deck that is precious. I really do not like this card.

The next card on the other hand, I do like. Time to look at Gaze of Granite:


I like this card. It harkens back to a card from the original Ravnica block, Crime//Punishment (more specifically the Punishment half), and a card even older card called Pernicious Deed.

It may be a little more expensive then the older cards, but its still worth it. If I can get my hands on it, I will definitely be running it. Well that’s it for now.


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