Golgari Dragon’s Maze Part 1

So the spoilers for Dragon’s Maze have started to trickle in and I’ve decided that as the Golgari cards are revealed, I’ll give my opinion on them. So far four (technically three and a half, but I’ll get to the half soon enough) Golgari cards have been spoiled. One being a reprint of one of my favorite spells, Putrefy.

Putrefy has been “reprinted” twice before. Once as a promo and once as part of the Izzet vs. Golgari Dual Deck.

However this is the first time its seeing reprint in an actual set, and I for one am happy to see it. On to the next card.

So this is the first new card I’m looking at. 4/1 for four is meh, and the fact that it cant block makes it feel under powered. However its other ability really helps with scavenge, and dredge decks. It puts cards into your gravyard that you can use to make your creatures on the field bigger (in the case of scavenge) or that you can bring back up to your hand later (with dredge).

Sorry for the Japanese, but this was the only image I could find at the time I’m writing this so here’s the translation for the left  side:

Flesh 3BG


Exile target creature from a graveyard, put X +1/+1 counters on target creature. X equal to the power of target card you exiled this way.

So basically, this lets me scavenge a creature from my graveyard at a cost of 5.  Depending on the card, it could be useful. For the most part however its pretty meh. However because of the new mechanic, Fuse, which allows you to cast both halves of the cards if you pay both their mana costs, here’s the translation for the right side:

Blood RG


Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to target creature or target player.

If I get partnered with Gruul during the pre-release and I pull it, I’ll use it. However I most likely won’t use it.

So now we get to the first card that was spoiled. It’s the new guild champion, Varolz, the Scar-Striped.

So, I like this card. I really like this card. For one thing. He gives all my creatures scavenge. Also, if it works the way I think it does (which a lvl 1 judge has said it should) it gives my creatures an alternate scavenge cost. Which means that Dreg Beatle can be scavenged for two, and so on. Also I found, a combo with him and the card Skullbriar, the Walking Grave for the commander/edh format. This is Skullbriar:

So the combo works like this. You use Skullbriar as you commander. If Skullbriar dies you let him go to the graveyard, sense he will keep his +1/+1 counter in the graveyard. When you play Varolz, you can scavenge him for the cost of 2. Exileing him from the graveyard sends him to the commander zone, he will still keep his +1/+1 counters. When you summon him again, even though he’s cost goes up for having died, his scavenge cost does not change. A little proud that I noticed that. So that’s it for the spoiled Golgari cards so far. We shall see what comes in the future.


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