MyDDO fails its Fortitude Save

So about two weeks ago, Turbine Inc. (the company that put out Dungeons & Dragons Online, Lord of the Rings Online, and Asheron’s Call 1 and 2) announced that they would be discontinuing its MyDDO services. The service included a rudimentary character viewer, a guild roster listing, the DDO Compendium, and the feature that many are sad to see go, a personal blog for each subscriber. MyDDO was where I wrote my first two articles ever. So I’m going to start to keeping my DDO stuff over here. I’m also going to move those two articles over here. Why MyDDO is going away? I honestly couldn’t say. It could be a mess of factors. The compendium was never really kept up to date. The character viewer never really worked right, usually a couple of days behind on updates. The blog worked amazingly well. It’s going to be sad seeing the feature go.


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