Dredging up the Past: My Original Golgari Deck

In 2006 I got back into Magic the Gathering. Well that’s not entirely true. I had collected cards back during Mercadian Masques, but never really built a viable deck. I had a deck during Kamigawa, but again didn’t really play. Then Ravnica came out. I was hanging out at a store called Reality’s Edge. I was looking at the into deck (at the time they were called theme decks), and one of them caught my eye.

That intro deck became the foundation for my original Golgari deck. Over the years I tweaked it, solving some issues that it had. One being the fact that it was very easy for me to deck my self out. This is one of the few decks that I consider done. I have no plans of making anymore changes to the deck. It is a block deck. That means that all the cards from it can be found in the Ravnica Block.

So lets take a look at my original Golgari Deck:

Deck: Golgari Dredge {b}{g}
1 Sisters of Stone Death {4}{B}{B}{G}{G}
1 Grave-Shell Scarab {2}{B}{G}{G}
1 Vulturous Zombie {3}{B}{G}
1 Savra, Queen of the Golgari {2}{B}{G}
4 Shambling Shell {1}{B}{G}
1 Gleancrawler {3}{B/G}{B/G}{B/G}
2 Golgari Guildmage {B/G}{B/G}
1 Mortipede {3}{B}
2 Stinkweed Imp {2}{B}
1 Necroplasm {1}{B}{B}
2 Golgari Thug {1}{B}
1 Thoughtpicker Witch {B}
2 Golgari Grave-Troll {4}{G}
2 Loaming Shaman {2}{G}
1 Golgari Germination {1}{B}{G}
2 Moldervine Cloak {2}{G}
2 Vigor Mortis {2}{B}{B}
1 Life from the Loam {1}{G}
3 Putrefy {1}{B}{G}
1 Gaze of the Gorgon {3}{B/G}
2 Last Gasp {1}{B}
1 Plague Boiler {3}
2 Golgari Signet {2}
1 Golgari Rot Farm
1 Svogthos, the Restless Tomb
1 Overgrown Tomb
12 Swamp
8 Forest
60 cards
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I’ve gone over some of the key cards and combos in previous articles, So I’ll go over a few more here.

Cards like Moldervine Cloak, and Shambling Shell are cards that give me a consistent way to make little things bigger. Sense they both have dredge, it means that they are never truly gone unless they are exiled.

Plague Boiler Is a bomb. No literally, it’s a bomb. See for yourself:

It blows up everything but lands. The best part? You control the fuse. So you can sit there and let it cook. The only downside is that if you do choose to hold back the blast, its going to cost you at least three mana a turn. Another card in the deck that’s good for field cleaning is Necroplasm.

One of my favorite combo in the deck is Mortipede and Gaze of the Gorgon.

Its expensive to do, but it’s one of those moves that if you can do it, you probably should.

Unfortunately this deck has a bit of a draw back. It is very very easy to deck yourself out. The way around that I have is Loaming Shaman. I talked about this before, so I’m not going to repeat it here.

So my favorite card in the deck has to be Vulturous Zombie.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why though. I mean, its an okay card. Just something about it that I really enjoy when I can get it on the field and I feel a little bummed when its killed or exiled.

Well that’s my old Golgari deck. I am almost happy with my new one and I plan on posting it when its done. Till then.


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