Web Slinger’s Tale #6: Ultimate Spider-Man Part 2- Murderworld

If you can figure out the convoluted chain of thought that went into me titling this article Murderworld, give yourself a cookie. So, lets talk about the ultimate Spider-Man games. There are five in total. They are Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Battle for New York, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, and Spider-Man: Toxic City. The last two I can tell you nothing about. They were only available on cell phones. The other three I have played and can give you a little bit of incite on. The first we’re going to look at is:

The story of the game takes place after the Venom arc. After bonding with the second suit, Eddie Brock has discovered that there is a slight flaw with it. Its killing him. In order to survive, he has to consume people. Just like the Carnage creature. He comes to the realization that his suit, being a prototype, is unstable.

Parker on the other hand, has been living out his life sense what he thought was the death of Brock. The start of the game brings us back to this event, their last confrontation in the rain. We then flash forward to an encounter with the Shocker.

Ugh, the Shocker. See I like the shocker. I really do. If you think about him at his core, his actually is quite brilliant. Even the mainstream one. He designed his vibro-shock gauntlets on his own. He has to wear that padded suit, even if it looks silly, to keep the gauntlets from vibrating him into mush. Sadly though, his also kind of a joke. You can encounter him later in the game and he just kind of snivels. It’s really sad to see.

After this Peter encountered R.H.I.N.O. ( the ultimate version of the Rhino.) a five nothing scrawny scientist wearing a rhino themed mech suit, and yells in Latin. We get our first look at the major plot of the game in this encounter when Peter notices Trask Industries engraved on the suits foot.

Soon after Venom makes his way out of a park and into a bar. There he encounters Wolverine of the ultimate X-Men.

They precede to destroy the bar. After Venom beats Wolverine, he wonders off. He soon encounters Parker at a museum. Even though Venom’s presence overcharged Peter’s Spider-Sense (the exact opposite of what it does in the mainstream universe), Peter still managed to beat him.  Soon after, Peter encountered the super charged super villain, Electro.

After chasing Venom through the streets, Electro knocks… you know what. I seem to get pretty spoilery (pretty sure that’s not a word, but o well) with the Ultimate Spider-Man articles so from now on just straight reviews. If you want to now the rest of the game, go play through it yourself.

So a review. Ok, The Ultimate Spider-Man game uses the cell shaded style. I am a big fan of this style. It is used to great effect in this game, as well as games like Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and No More Heroes. Matter of fact, the only game that used it that I thought it detracted from was Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. In Ultimate Spider-Man, the cell shaded style gives it the feeling that it is actually a comic book. They further do this by having some scenes and chapter shifts look like the panels of a comic book.

I have played the game on all it available platforms, and the best controls for it had to be on the XBox/ Playstaytion 2 layout. I don’t know if it’s just the GameCube controller I have, but the the layout for that console  just seemed off.

The voice acting is pretty good, as long as its for a main character. As is the problem with all Spider-Man games, the civies in the game all share one of two voices. All males have the same voice, as do all females. It actually gets a little bit annoying after a while.

Over all it’s a good game and you should probably check it out. Its available on the GameCube, Xbox, and Play Station 2.

The other game that I want to look at is Spider-Man: Battle for New York.

I only played enough of the game to do a review of the same as above. So here goes.  Please note I played it on the Gameboy Advance, so I can’t say much for the DS version.

This game also uses the cell shaded style, but it does not translate well to the Gameboy. The systems inability to show fine detail in the sprites made them seem kind of blocky and just off. If they had done an art style similar to Maximum Carnage, I think it would have looked a little better. Overall though it doesn’t detract from the game.

What does detract from the game is the controls. Spider-Man and Green Goblin have two different controls. At least when it comes to the shoulder buttons. For Gobby the right shoulder button throws a fireball, and the left selects the style of fireball (simple, impact burst, and bouncing.) For Spider-Man, the right shoots a web shot, and the left… kicks. No different styles of webbing, just a kick. You can web swing though. Just make sure you time the swing absolutely perfect, or you’ll hit what ever pain inducing obstacle. If you’re really unlucky, you’ll get cought right in the middle of a kill spot when you do. Like right here:

I am planning on getting my hands on the DS version. Hopefully, its better then this.  This game was bad. At least the GBA version was.

So now for the last game. As with the other 2 characters from this game, were going to look at his character directly. Lets take a look at Ultimate Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Sense ultimate Spider-Man is a more modernized version of regular Spider-Man, you need a way to make him different in the game. How was that done? Well:

You put him in the black suit. So the question is what’s his gimmick. Well 2099 has the free falling, and Noir has the stealth. So of course Ultimate has one as well. See as combat progresses, you build up a rage meter. When the rage meter is full you can go into a symbiote rage. During this time you get a massive boost to damage. During the rage, your meter depletes. You do gain some of it back when you hit someone. So if you save it for a crowded room, you can keep your rage going until you’ve cleared the room out. That is, as long as you can hit someone.

Well, that’s it for Ultimate Spider-Man in games. We have on more part to this Ultimate Spider-Man series. Warning now, its going to be painful. Next time we take a look at the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

Also this officially makes three of the four Spider-Men from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions covered. I will be covering the game as a whole game and the final Spider-Man in an article to come. Well that’s all.


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