History of Golgari Part 6: Return to Golgari

We’ve gone over what the Golgari is, and what they do. We’ve been introduced to their founder, Svogthos, and saw their original guild hall, as well as the both successors after him. I’ve shown you a little of my collection. Now its time to look into the guild as it is now. At the end of the last Ravnica block we saw the Golgari being headed by Savra’s brother, Jarad von Savo. He had been sacrificed in a Rakdos cult ritual to resurrect Rakdos himself. However Jarod was able to perform a feat that only Svogthos before him had done. He reanimated his own body. Now the golgari are embroiled in a territorial dispute with the Izzet. Niv Mizzet, leader of the Izzet is encroaching on the undercity, the land claimed  by the Golgari. This is all shown in the product Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari. This actully came out before the new RtR set. With it a few cards were spoiled. One in which was the Golgari guild leader. So lets take a look at Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord.

Also this is the regular version of the card:

For the first time, I can show a card with alternate art. So anyway lets break down his abilities. First one is pretty self explanatory. It also looks kind of familiar.

Jarad’s second ability is extremely useful. With the new Golgari mechanic of scavenge, you can make creatures pretty big. Especially if your using Corpsejack Menace. With this you can win a game without even attacking.

Okay, so on to the third ability. It’s useful, but to me I really don’t use it to often. Lands are a precious commodity in my decks. I just don’t run as many as most. Usually between 20 and 22. I just don’t have the lands to sacrifice. In a deck that does, it’s a good ability.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Jarod is not the only card we’re going to look at. So time for more backstory. At one point the guild Azorius arrested a large group of Golgari members. One of those guild members was a gorgon named Vraska. During a riot after the arrest, the Golgari guild members attempted to use her as a weapon against the guards. One of the guards attacked and attempted to beat Vraska to death. However, during the attack something else happened to Vraska. Her planeswalker spark ignited. After gaining control of her powers she returned to Ravnica and sought revenge against every guard that was involved. This is her card

So again, lets examine her abilities one at a time. Her first ability is great. It means that anyone dumb enough to attack her loses their creature. Her second ability means that if your opponent has a land, artifact, or enchantment that you don’t like, well they won’t have it for long. Her last last means that if you can actually get it off, keep the creatures on the field long enough to attack, and actually deal damage with the creature then you win. I see a flaw with this though. No one is not willing to sacrifice a creature to make sure that ability goes off. Plus there’s this card:

Well that’s it. Pretty much up to date on the history of the Golgari. I’m going to write one more article in this series. It’s going to be my predictions on what the Golgari are going to be like in Dragon’s Maze.

Well, this is Mops, signing out.


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