Web Slinger’s Tale #5: Ultimate Spider-Man Part 1- The Parker Years.

In 2000, the big wigs at Marvel Comics had an idea. To create a way for new readers to jump on with out having to know years and years of back story (seriously Amazing Spider-Man celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.) Rather then pull a DC, and just hit the universal reset button, they decided to create a whole new universe, Earth 1610, or the Ultimate Universe. They decided to do more modern and up to era versions of the classic Marvel characters. The hulk was a by product of an attempt to recreate the super solider serum. The Avengers were called the Ultimates (there eventually was a black ops team called the Ultimate Avengers), Nick Fury was basically Samuel L. Jackson.  By the way, if some of this sounds familiar its because many of the Marvel movies are based heavily on the Ultimate Universe. So lets take a look at a good majority of the first ongoing in the Ultimate Universe. Lets look at :


The series started off being written by Brian Michael Bendis, and was drawn by Mark Bagley. Bendis stayed on the book even till now. Bagley has since left the title but returned for the last arc that we will be covering. Now I’m not going to go over every single issue of the Parker years of the series. The fact is there were 160 issues and I have other things I need to do and research for later articles (like the other two parts to this series). So I’m going to summarize what I feel are the most important points. There will be spoilers. O, the spoilers. Please remember these are what I feel were the most important. You might have other opinions, and your free to them. So lets get started.

In the ultimate universe the main thing that leads to most of the character origins is Ultimate Captain America. To be more specific, the ultimate super solider serum. Trying to recreate it lead to the creation of the hulk. Even the origins of the mutants can be linked to the serum. I f you want to know how, sorry, not going to spoil that here. There’s a mini series called Ultimate Origins. Read that if you want to know.

I will spoil this though. It was Banner becoming the hulk that lead to the deaths of Peter’s parents. This however means that the story of the Parkers going down in a plane crash is a complete headache inducing plot hole. Anyway the reimaging of Peter’s origin involves a few minor changes. Instead of going to see a demonstration on radio activity, his entire class is visiting OsCorp, where Norman Osborn is working on… the super solider serum. O god damn it. Anyway instead of doing test and running simulations on things that would qualify as close to human physiology as possible , like rats, he’s testing it on spiders. Untitled

Because, you know, spiders and humans are so genetically similar. Anyway, another thing that was changed was, while he did invent the web shooters, the formula for the webbing was actually Richard Parker’s. Peter just completed it. Of course, Osborne, seeing what Peter had become decided to inject himself with the super solider serum,called Oz,  that had never been tested on humans before. Wait, what? Ok I have seen some stupid things, but that takes the cake. Guess what? It didn’t even have the effect he was hoping for. Instead it turned him into the hulk… no I mean it turned him into a hulking goblin. Yeah that’s what I meant.

Anyway, Peter was able to beat Osborne, and all was right.

Peter would encounter more of his father’s work when he was reunited with the son of Richard’s old coworkers, Eddie Brock.

Eddie showed Peter work that their fathers had been working. It was a treatment for cancer that used the patients own genes to fight the cancer. It was called the Suit. Peter, thanks to the Parker luck, managed to spill the suit on himself. It looked something like this:

Yep Peter’s dad was the cause of the Venom Symbiote in the ultimate universe. Of course, as with the main stream universe the suit started causing problems. They never really elaborate what exactly caused the suit to have its problems. My theories are ether a) the suit was ether so incomplete that it was just that flawed, or b) the fact that the suit was designed to fight aggressive cancer that it itself was aggressive. Peter did what he felt he had to do, he tossed the suit into a fire. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only suit, and Eddie had figured out Peter’s secret. See Peter had broken into an ESU lab to study the suit, the same one that Eddie worked at. Because of the break in, Eddie was fired. In revenge, Eddie used the suit on himself and became Venom.

This was not the end of the suit. It would be used with a sample of Peter’s blood by Dr. Curt Conners. The resulting organism would be a vampiric creature that would absorb the fluids of its victims. The creature was Ultimate Carnage.

The creature had many victims, but the worst one was a friend of Peter’s. Gwen Stacy was staying with Peter and his Aunt when the creature made his way to the house. It found her and, well let the picture show you:

Feeling responsible for her death, (he gave Conners the blood that was used to make the creature.) Peter sought out the creature to destroy it. Once again, as with the suit before it, Peter tossed the creature into a fire.

Not long after the death of Gwen, Peter saw the return of his friend Harry Osborne. They had shared a long convoluted history at this point. It Involves Harry’s father, the brilliant genius from before. Harry’s father had use a post hypnotic suggestion to create the personality of Shaw in Harry’s mind. That personality used Oz on Harry turning him into Ultimate Hobgoblin.

During their fight, Harry gained back not only enough control to beg Peter to kill him, but also attempt to provoke S.H.I.E.L.D. into killing him. Something they seemingly did. In truth they just wounded him really badly.

Now here is where we come to a story that I’ve been wondering what to say about. See in the mainstream universe, the Clone Saga was kind of a fiasco. In the Ultimate Universe however, the Clone Saga was pretty good. So the only thing I will reveal is this. The Clone Saga saw the return of, well:

It also saw the arrival of Ultimate Demogoblin. I’ll show you what it looked like, but to get the full story, your just going to have to go back and read it for yourself.

Now that I think about about it, the last couple of storylines I wanted to talk about had some pretty effects on Parker. So for the sake of not spoiling any more then I already have, I’m going to have to say read the story lines Death of a Goblin, and Death of Spider-Man. I know that that might seem like a it of a cop out but the fact is that I really don’t want to spoil those story lines. Read them and enjoy them.

Well folks, that’s it for the first part of this series. Next time I’ll be taking a look at this Parker in games. One that has been retconned out of continuity and one that I’ve already looked at twice before.

This is Mops, signing out.


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