Horror Perspective: Transformation

I saw the horror in his eyes as he realized what was happening. The nails on his hands grew longer and darker. As he scratched at his arms, large chunks of flesh tore free, revealing new flesh covered in dark grey fur. I could hear the sounds of bones grinding and shifting, some that were not even needed anymore breaker as the hands started to shrivel. Soon they looked as if they were gloves that were just to big. He started coughing and gagging, spitting out teeth and blood. He looked and me and I could see new larger, sharper teeth growing at a rapid pace.

Then the tearing sounds started. The sounds of fabric and of something else ripping. His face started to push foreword, as if something was trying to get out. His mouth started to widen, splitting from the eternal pressure. After a few minutes, where a man once stood, now stood a large wolf. The remains of the man it once was were hanging and dripping off its body. Its bloody fur glistened in the light of the moon. The creature looked up at me, the look of fear now a look of hunger. All I could do was smile. An insane response for an insane situation.


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