Horror Perspective: Infection

What would you do? A question asked over and over again about any scenario. From ludicrous to possible, nothing was ever off subject. My friends and I would always focus on one thought, What would you do if the dead walked? What would you use? Where would you go? But the truth is this… You never know. Circumstances change. We didn’t see it coming and all those plans went right out the window.

Now I sit here, over the remains of someone I once called family, waiting. I look down and wonder, Can I do it? Can I look into the eyes of what was once one of my closest friends and put them to rest? I look down at the bite on my arm and thank a god I once swore I would never believe in that the skin was not broken. As the body starts to stir I ask myself one last question, Did I step to the side of the fan, or did I shower behind it?


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