Should Marijuana be Legalized?

Oh boy. Ok, short answer is yes. Long answer is… well maybe I should back up a little bit. This Is something I have been thinking about for a while. See, I don’t smoke. Anything, not even cigarettes. So this is being written from an outsider’s perspective. That being said, that perspective allows me to have an unbiased point of view. It allows me to see things from a neutral stand point, and make my decisions there. So what I feel is a better question is not should marijuana be legalized, but how should it be legalized?

I have friends that smoke. I have been around them while they were under the influence. I have seen most of the immediate effects of the high.  I feel that I can say this from seeing the effects of both. Pot should not be regulated like tobacco is, but like how alcohol is.

Ok, so here’s the part where I know I lost some people. The fact is this. Many people compare the fact that cigarettes are legal, but pot isn’t. I have to disagree with this comparison. You see, the immediate side effect of cigarettes is neurological stimulation. Its like caffeine. It wakes you up. However pot, it’s the opposite effect. It seems to cause, what I can only describe as, lethargy. From what I‘ve seen of someone under the effects, it puts them in a state that makes certain activities dangerous. Activities like driving. This is why it should be regulated like alcohol.

I know this will be a very unpopular opinion. Considering the long term effects of both alcohol and tobacco compared to the long term effects of pot, it would seem unfair to restrict it as harsh as we restrict things like whisky and vodka. But the fact is, no matter how much no one wants to admit to it, marijuana effects reaction time, focus, and many of the same things alcohol does. Think about it. Would you want to drive behind someone smoking a roach?

That all being said, the best restrictions they could put are things like:

You need a license to distribute. Distribution without a license would lead to jail time.

You can’t smoke on public ground. You can smoke on your own property, but not on the sidewalk. Violation of this would be met with a hefty fine.

You have to be a certain age to purchase pot.

So on and so forth. I know some of this seems harsh. The fact is though, even if its legalized, its still a drug. In the long run it will still need to be regulated so its not abused, and even then there is no guarantee that it won’t be.

So like I said, when it comes to the question of should pot be legalized, the short answer is yes. The long answer… well that’s what above was.

On another note, don’t support a candidate because he supports your stance on legalized marijuana. As much as it sucks, you need to look at everything they stand for. Sadly, your desire to “toke” up in public, might need to sit on the back burner when it comes to national affairs.


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