Web Slinger’s Tale 3.5: Spider-Man 2099 Elaborations

So it has come to my attention that I left out some things in the last article. So I will take the time now elaborate on a couple of things.

1. Origin

I actually left out a very important part to Miguel O’Hara’s origin. See it is true he got his powers from a process that was meant to replicate the powers of Peter Parker, I had forgotten to mention why he had used the process in the first place. See at the time Miguel had been drugged with a highly addictive, highly fatal drug known as Rapture. He had gone through the process in an attempt to purge the drug from his system. Later in the series he finds out the drug is only deadly after repeated use. Since he only “used” it once he would have been fine. He just would have had some nasty withdrawals.

2. The Crossover

I briefly mentioned the crossover in the last article, but didn’t go to in depth about it. To be honest, the reason for this is I don’t want to give to much away. What I can tell you is it involves Venom, Vulture 2099, Parker, and O’Hara. The main villain is also a nice little surprise. It also involves this guy:


This is Spider-Man 2211. He looks silly. At least to me he is. He is also some sort of temporal cop. Don’t get use to him. He shows up a grand total of twice in comics. I wish I could say more about the crossover, but I really want to avoid spoilers. Your just going to have to check it out yourself. I highly recommend it. I will leave you with this though:



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