Web Slinger’s Tale #2: Spider-Man Unlimited


In the last article I talked about The 1990’s animated series. I also mentioned that it had a sequel series. This would be it. Story line wise it takes place after the not released 6th season of the the 90’s series. It premiered in 1999, but was overshadowed by Pokémon. Fox Kids Suspended it after 3 episodes, until 2000. It ran for 13 episodes, and ended in 2001on a cliffhanger. Scripts were produced for a second season, but nothing ever came to fruit of it. What many don’t know is that the original incarnation of the show was not supposed to be the Peter Parker Spider-Man. It was supposed to be a Spider-Man from a far off future. It was supposed to be Spider-Man 2099. You know, this guy:


I’ll go more in depth on our friend here at a later date, just know that the series went from that guy to this guy:


This is known as one of the two black sheep of the animated series, the other being the MTV series. The series took place on another planet, known as counter earth. Spider-Man had gotten there while trying to save John Jameson. This would was ruled by Beastials, genetically altered animals. While there he encountered counter earth versions of his regular rouges gallery. Some of them human, many of them beastial. Such as the Goblin, who in this world was a good guy:


An eel version of Electro:

and even a beastial Wolverine:


That last picture is actually from the comic that came out during the series run. It also wasn’t that good. It only lasted for 5 issues. The one that always annoyed me was… Well you see in the first episode of the series they had Venom and Carnage in it. They seemed a little… well see for yourself:

Carnage’s arms go past his knees and venom looks like Rob Liefelt injected him with steroids. The series was pretty bad but in the end I enjoyed it and I was sad to see it go. Then again I like bad TV shows so color me odd. So again it comes to the point where I talk about my favorite episode. Well that episode would have to be “One is the Loneliest Number.” It was an episode that had Eddie Brock almost die from being separated from the Venom Symbiote. Although they didn’t say die because they were still under the same censorship that the 90’s show was under. It is the only time in the show that we see Parker don the black suit. The series also had a long over arching plot about the Symbiotes working on something called the Synoptic. However it was never fully explained. I really would have liked to see what it was and why they had to go to counter earth to do it. Oh, I forgot the mention that. See, the Venom and Carnage that are in the picture above, and the Eddie Brock I mentioned in the episode are the same ones from the 90’s series. For some reason they hitched a ride with Jameson to counter earth, start to build up the Synoptic, and we never find out why.

If you watched the 90’s series, I suggest you check this show out. If only to see just what the series dissolved into. Don’t worry about the comic, you don’t need to read it to get the show. Next time we will give the TV a break, and look into the future.


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