Toonami Part 2: An Interview with Head Mod of Toonami Aftermath – Sonicstormer


After writing my previous article on Toonami, I stumbled upon a website called Toonami Aftermath. It’s a 24/7 stream of shows that aired during Toonami. I was lucky enough to get an interview with head moderator Sonicstormer. This is what he had to say:

Mops: So when did you start toonami aftermath? Or when did it start i should ask?

Sonicstormer: January 18th. We’re 2 years old now. Though we didn’t have an actual site then, it was just a ustream page. I don’t know if any of us is exactly sure when the site itself launched

Mops: Interesting, what brought about its conception?

Sonicstormer: That may be a toon or tallest question. They’ve been here since day 1

Mops: Ok, what brought you to toonami aftermath?

Sonicstormer: It was July 4th, my roommate was browsing /a/ and someone posted a link to the site playing Akira. We only caught the tail end of it, but then watched Independence Day riffed. I was hooked ever since.

Mops: what has your experiance been like as a mod, how have you seen the community?

Sonicstormer: As a member, mod, and eventually head mod/admin I’ve seen the best and the worst of our little gathering. By and large, I’m a fan of our fans! 😀 It’s daunting, but I really try not to see our community as a mass of members. I really prefer to approach everyone on a case-by-case basis. It keeps the rotten apples from spoiling the bunch for me.

Mops: Nice. What do you think of the odds of Cartoon Network/ Adult Swim bringing back Toonami?

Sonicstormer: Well they’ve pretty much unofficially confirmed it really. I don’t think there’s much chance they won’t. I’d like to think us keeping the faith alive had a little something to do with that, at least I hope that’s the case.

Mops: If they did, would you like to see it in its original format or as a replacement for the now lackluster Adult Swim block?

Sonicstormer: Yes. Lol, but seriously I think they really couldn’t do worse…. unless they populate it with what’s on [AS] and thereby horribly marr any memories we had of it. Even if they stick to OG Toonami, new stuff, or a mix [they] can’t really do worse.

Mops: Would you like to see them pick up some of the shows from the now dropped FIOS Funimation channel?

Sonicstormer: Well that’d certainly give them no end of content. Still, there’s also the danger of grabbing too much of a good thing. I liked plently of american cartoons that appeared on Toonami as well such as Samurai Jack, Batman, ect. A boat floats on water, but it may also sink in it.

Mops: If you could orginize a 4 hour block for Toonami, what would you put into it?

Sonicstormer: Well obviously a 4 hour marathon of My Little Pony. [That’s a] late April Fool’s joke

Mops: lol

Sonicstormer: Hmmm, I’d probably opt for a late night block and I’d populate it with Lupin III, Cowboy Bebop, maybe a little Megas XLR for variety and robots. I’ve really dug Hajime no Ippo on our stream, so I’d likely carry that over too. That’s Fighting Spirit over here in the US

Mops: Ok wasn’t sure. lol

Mops: How do you feel about the way Toonami ended? The content of it and just the general feel

Sonicstormer: I feel it didn’t get nearly the send off it deserved. Don’t get me wrong, that last farewell from Tom was great, But I mean…. I didn’t even know it was ending. I was just lucky I happened to be home from college at the time and be watching it When it happened, my jaw just dropped. “That’s it?” were the very first words from my mouth. It was as though a friend had unexpectedly walked out of your life only taking the time to say “Bye.” as he/she walked out the door. At the risk of sounding dramatic.

Mops: Actually that’s the same feeling I got, although it felt more like he was being dragged out the door by an angry parent. Do you feel that they should reair their April fool’s run, but this time let people know that it’s going to be on?

Sonicstormer: Well that depends, what did they run? 😀 I was HERE man!

Sonicstormer: I flicked it over just long enough to see Gundam Wing was on with a Toonami logo in the corner and went back to TA. This is the place to be 8)

Mops: lol.

Sonicstormer: oooo Yu Yu Hakusho, they picked my favorite 😀 Looks solid. Needs some Sailor Moon perhaps. I wouldn’t complain if they did air it scheduled.

Mops: Do you think it would help gain further interest in bringing back toonami?

Sonicstormer: Further interest? Not really. Everything there really appeals to all the old fans, for sure, and a few newbies seeing it will probably jump on board. I think if they really want more interest than what is already there, they’ll have to branch a bit. As long as it’s healthy, organic growth we shouldn’t have much to fear. As opposed to some risk taking CN has done in recent history. I’m lookin at you CN Real.

Mops: Risks such as?

Sonicstormer: Live action on cartoon network is the biggest I’d say.

Mops: Ah, I see

Sonicstormer: It may pan out for the [AS] crowd, but it was my understanding that ratings really suffered during the day time, after school hours. I suppose there’s no accounting for taste.

Mops: Again I want to thank you for the interview.

Sonicstormer: Sure thing dude

Once again I would like to thank Sonicstormer for allowing me to interview him. If you guys are looking for an awesome site that keeps the feel of Toonami alive and well, Check out Toonami Aftermath. It is an amazing site. Also right now Cartoon Network/Adult Swim is doing a twitter campaign, #BringBackToonami. Check it out. This is Mops, Signing out.


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