New York Comic-Con Press Day

This year I had the good fortune to attend NYCC with a press pass from Mindless Penguin Press. This article will be posted on there site as well here. It will of course be edited, but hey, what are you going to do? So here we go.

This year I covered New York Comic Con. More specifically I covered the very first day, the day that was open only to the press, vips, and those who splurged for the nice four day pass. Various reasons kept me from covering the other three days (an almost 12 hour cable installation and work), so this will just be my impressions of the first day.

First the weather was awful. I mean AWFUL!! Well see for yourself:


Yeah, that was the view from the train. Bad weather has never deterred me before so I pressed on, and ho boy was it worth. The first sign I saw showing me I was going the right way was, well:


… *_*. I am a giant RE fan. This was going to be fun. So after getting my press pass and heading back to the showroom, I was ready and willing to get as much information as possible from the various publishers. However this was not what I got. I don’t know if maybe it was the they weren’t expecting many to be there or what but information gathering was scarce. That is with two exceptions. The first was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


From what was demoed, the game appears to be a four player co-op with four unique characters each with 2 special moves that they call there own. Also it will be more action oriented the previous games (because 4 and 5 weren’t apparently).  This is a game I can’t wait for. The other people who seemed on the ball were… well…


Yeah, Marvel was there in strides. While they didn’t reveal anything new about the movie, they did give alot of info on their child friendly MMO: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. Seems that in their next update (which should be out by the time this goes out) they are doing a big Halloween update. This includes changes to their Baxter Plaza zone (a zombie infection caused by radioactive waste) and their Daily Bugle zone (trick or treating). They are also going to introduce Doctor Strange, and a Dormamu mission.

There was no sign of Wizards of the Cost, which was odd sense Hasbro was there. The last couple of times I’ve gone to NYCC, WotC was there but again it might have been because it was press day. I think that this was a wasted opportunity on their part sense WotC had received much flak for there most recent Magic: The Gathering set. Also missing was Koonami, developers of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game. I really wish I had gotten to see these to companies represented, but again it was information that just not available.

Well folks that’s all I have to share. I hope everyone at the con had a good time and found some great swag.


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