Web-Slinger’s Tale #0

Yes, yes, I know I should be writing another Drawing the Blade but I have noticed something about Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Power Rangers Samurai. For the most part with the exception of a few aesthetic changes to make it more child friendly, they are the same show. I’m working on something with a friend involving that particular series anyhow. More on that at a later time. So I decided to work on a new series. So here’s A quick synapses.

I am a massive Spider-Man. I got into the character during the 1990’s cartoon series, and I LOVED the sequel series. However I will admit to this, I didn’t really get into the 616 comic books until Civil War. However I did do alot of research on the character so I knew some details about major story events, such as the Clone Saga, Maximum Carnage, Secret Wars, and a few others. I enjoy the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics for the most part. I’ll be taking a look at those in this article at some point.

As time went on I started to look more and more into the back issues, What Ifs, mini series, and one-shots. I found stories that I genuinely enjoyed like What If New Fantastic Four, Spider-Man Black Cat: Evil That Men Do, and Back in Black.

I came to enjoy Spider-man for the story, the supporting characters, and the world that he inhabits, but more so I could relate to the character. That is the main reason I enjoy Spider-Man. We are both intelligent (I’ve been reading at a collage level since the 6th grade), and both have pretty bad luck (ask anyone who has known me for the past four years). To me, he is a very relatable character. So in this article I will be highlighting the high points (and even some low points) and hopefully shed some light on way why I am such a big Spider-Man fan.



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