Drawing the Blade #2: The Team Gathers/An Extermination Skill Contest

Ok folks lets get this show on the road. First a major difference can be found right away. Episode 1 of Power Rangers Samurai is actually episode 3 of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. The only reason for this that I can see is because episodes 1 and 2 of Shinkenger are pretty violent, an entire clan is wiped out in the first episode.

Both episodes focus on the green ranger/shinken green. He misses his old life and is feeling a tad inferior to the others. After deciding to go and visit his old friends, he is attacked by a Nighlok/Gedoushuu. His friends are caught in the crossfire. He learns that for now he must stay away form his old life as well as to never let his guard down.

Chaiki/Shinken GreenMike/ Green Ranger

So lets get to the differences. One thing I cant get over is the fact that they started the series three episodes in. They glance at the gathering during the intro of Power Rangers Samurai but we’re introduced to the team after they have already been established and we miss out on some of the great backstory that is established in those two episodes. We also miss the explanation of how the monsters grow. In the Sentai, the Gedoushuu have two lives, one small and one large. In Power Rangers, no explanation is given at all. Also they changed the opening training sequence involving the team. We also find out that a major part of Shinkenger has been removed. These are the Kuroko:

They are the servants and aides to the Shinkenger. They are based of the stage hands of Kabuki Theatre. They are also nowhere to be found Power Rangers Samurai. This is depressing because one of them plays a big part in them obtaining a new weapon later, and now I wonder how that will come into later. Any how the reason this is brought up because the original Sentai training scene in the beginning was them carting Chaiki to training after he over slept, and leads to a very funny sequence of Shinken Blue scolding him for his appearance… only for him to be shown that he himself is still in pajamas instead of his hakama (traditional samurai training garb) In Power Rangers, they skip this part and go right to him getting lectured about dropping his guard.

They introduced some character changes in this episode that I  did not notice until I was actually able to watch the episode. They made Mike a bit more mature then his Japanese counterpart, something that to be honest I actually enjoy. They also continued with the nasty habit of corny lines. They also modified they’re mentor a bit. They made him kinder but also a little bit more rigid… if that makes any since. Then there was the big change that was needed to make this a children’s show. This is the big bad of both series:

In Japan he is known as Dokoku Chimatsuri. In the US he is known as Master Xandred. But that’s not the change. You see in Japan, he… well you see… he likes the Saki. Yeah, his a boozer. A big one. I don’t think there’s any episode where his sober. I’d have to rewatch the series to know for sure (which I will be doing so I can compare the two series better). With this change I’m wondering what they are going to do with some of the other characters (one that slaughtered his entire family, or killed the one she loved.)

Thankfully unlike most recent seasons of Power Rangers, they have started to use a lot of Sentai footage again. This a welcome return for the series. Another welcome return is the return of one of my favorite characters. See Power Rangers Samurai brought the return of Farkas Bulkmeier. For those of you who don’t remember his real name, he was better known as Bulk of Bulk and Skull. The character picks up right where he left off and I am overjoyed to see him again.

Well folks that’s it for this edition of Drawing the Blade, and as I perform noto on this article I ask you to look forward and learn why you should never make a Deal with a Nighlok, and to beware the Nightly Tears of Sympathy (I will be making puns so deal with it now)


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