Drawing the Blade #1: Subtle but still a tad annoying

Through this entire series you will here me refer to the Japanese characters as Shinkengers and the American characters as Rangers, This is to make sure you can tell them apart. So lets start this with a simple one.

The Morph/Henshin Sequences:

Here is the morph sequences for the 5 original Shinkengers and the morphing from Samurai:

Ok here or the nit picks.

1) For those of you who don’t know Shodo is Japanese calligraphy, and in Shinkenger it writing proper kana is how they use there powers. But their Shodophones actually turn into calligraphy pens to do this. In Samurai they don’t. They stay as the phone which in my opinion just looks kind of silly.

2) What’s with the little outfits the Rangers are wearing. In Shinkenger Shinken Red is basically a feudal lord and the other Shinkengers are his retainers. The clothes that they wear is the typical traing garb for Iaido, Kendo, and any other Japanese sword art. The Rangers just look like demented ninjas. Matter of fact they get ninja masks during the morph sequence… its supposed to be samurai Saban, not Ninja. Although I am glad they did remove the introduction part where the Shinkengers introduce themselves (its in every episode, trust me) I really wish they didn’t use a catch phrase like Rangers together, Samurai forever. We’ll get into the main reason why later.

Megazord/Gattai Sequence

I’m Going to let this one speak for itself. This is the one big unnecessary change they made.


This was the first Gattai (combination) in Shinkenger and I loved the sense of humor it had by having them mess up and forget Shinken Red.


Ok, um. Well uh? Yeah no clue what’s with the shoulder pads… or the cog pit change, ore the sword change. I heard some people say Saban wanted to use as little Japanese footage as possible. Except he uses quite a lot. 2/3 of the episode is Sentai footage. Also quick note Episode 1 Power Rangers Samurai was basically episode 3 of Shinkenger. Why they are being shown out of order I have no clue.

Back Story Changes

As no real back story on most of the other rangers has been given this on will be revisited later. However in Shinkerger Shinken Blue was a Kabuki (an actor for a play) the Blue Ranger was a swimmer. Also the Red Ranger seems to welcome the team while Shinken Red fought about gathering the retainers for quite sometime. Many times even trying to prove how he didn’t need them.


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