Drawing the Blade #0

Ok so as anyone my age I was a fan of Power Rangers when I was little. I will also sadly admit that I watched it up till it stopped airing on ABC, Which was Power Rangers Mystic Force. DON’T JUDGE ME!!! So last year in a bit of nostalgia I started reading the Morphing Grid Wiki And started to look at the Japanese shows Power Rangers was based off of. And then I found it. Buried amongst the links was a series called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. I was so intrigued I hunted it down and started watching it. and it was GLORIOUS. It’s a good series and you folks should really look into it.

Then I heard Saban had gotten the right to Power Rangers back and was going to bring SSS here as a new series called Power Rangers Samurai. I looked at my screen… paused… and then cried just a bit. A mix of tears of joy and sorrow. Joy because saban had the rights back so the series stood a chance again. Sorrow because I am now an avid sentai fan and the series that brought me into the franchise was about to be Americanized, And Disney had destroyed GO GO Sentai Boukenger (Power Rangers RPM) and Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger (Power Rangers Jungle Fury). I feared for my beloved Shinkenger. But curiosity and I have started watching Samurai. And to be honest… its not that bad. Its by no means a totally faithful adaptation (I think nicktoons might have had an issue with their main villain being an alcoholic, or the entire killing of a family,)  but its really not bad.

So I decided to do a series showing the differences between Shinkenger and Samurai. As you can see above I will call it Drawing the Blade. The first one will be about just differences that the show made for America, things like character back story and props. Then every article after that will compare a Samurai episode  to its corresponding Shinkenger episode. Sence the US seems to be showing them out of order we will do it by the US broadcasting schedule. So folks it is now time to draw the blade.


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