My Top 20 Favorite Music Videos

I love all types of music, but mostly I love music videos. So in no particular order (except for number 1) Here are my top 20 favorite music videos. They are mostly are the songs that got me hooked on the bands to begin with. Sadly YouTube was giving me a hard time with the videos so they are being linked so you can go see them yourself.

20. Boiler – Limp Bizkit

O man this video brings back some memories. I was home sick from school when MTV (after they had started to sell out but weren’t quite there yet) and saw the premier of this video. This video is a total mind better and I love every second of it.

19. Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz

Ah the Gorillaz, a band that is entirely animated… literally. This video is not only here but also in an article written by my buddy and former roomate IHMHI. Look him up on steam if you wish for a challenge. This video is another trippy video that I just have fond memories of and can’t help but smile when I watch.

18. I’ll See You In My Dreams – Moonspell

I LOVE ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! Ok now that that has been taken care of Imhi introduced me to this band and I fell in love with them. They are a Portuguese death metal band and they are fucking \m/ awesome \m/. I even got to see them love and while it was a small venue it did not diminish the awesome that is Moonspell.

17. Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters has been one of my favorite bands for quite some time. It was ether this video or My hero that brought them to my attention. But this one made the list just because of the cameo of another of my favorite bands. Speaking of which…

16. Tribute – Tenacious D

Jack black has always made me laugh. But to be honest I never heard of him till this video. Tenacious D doesn’t have a lot of actual songs. But what they do have always brings a chuckle to my face. And the old woman at the end makes me think that’s where M. Night got the ending for Devil from.

15. Grenade – Bruno Mars

Guy has a soulful voice. You can really hear the pain in his voice. And He DRAGS A FUCKING PIANO FOR THIS BROAD. To put himself through all of that and for it to end in nothingness… I know what that’s like.

14. Firework – Katy Perry

NOT ONE FUCKING WORD. Its one of those rare gems out there by a piss poor singer that I actually enjoy. The song is very motivating and the video is beautiful. I especially love the three guys trying to mug the magician and instead triggering off all of his tricks.

13. I’m Not Afraid – Eminem

I want everyone to understand something, I really don’t like Eminem. He pisses me off most of the time to be honest. However his video for Lose Yourself made me respect him a small bit. It was a touching song and I really did enjoy. A few of his other songs are just as good. I think that when he shelves the Slim Shady persona and writes and raps from em he is a good artist. And I like this video because I was living in Newark at the time it was filmed.

12. Fade – Staind

This song has personal meaning to me. At the time that this video started airing I had been having some… issues. I was angry when I was younger. But also I was never really noticed in my house. I started closing myself in. Not really wanting to be bothered. This video felt like it had kind of hit close to home and I welcomed it.

11. High School Never Ends – Bowling for Soup

There right. It never really does. I just moved back to my home town. and it really hasn’t changed. The only thing that’s changed is I have an apartment and the popular kids still live at home… HA HA, Vengeance!!!

10. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

For those who don’t know what those ink blot tests are, they are call Rorschach tests. And a video designed around them… I Love It.

09. Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri

This is another of those videos that I found very beautiful to watch. It is a very well done and artistic video.

08. Remember the Name – Fort Minor

Mike Shinoda has always always been my favorite part of Linkin Park. When I heard that he had made Fort Minor I chomped at the bits waiting for the first video. Then Remember the Name hit… and to honest… I was kind of disappointed. While it’s a good video I would have asked for something more like the video for Believe Me.

07. Fat Lip – Sum 41

I am a child of the 90’s. I remember when Skate, Punk, and that whole sub culture still stood for something… and I miss it. But when I want to see those days again I just look up this video… and get a sudden urge to start hunting quidos (wait no, that normal for me.)

06. Down with the Sickness – Disturbed

O this day. The fist day I saw this video I had been suspended from school for a fight (they said fight, I said he pissed me off to the point that he needed to have some sense “knocked” into him) I was in a bad mood. I Heard this song and… I was calm. All the anger had flowed away with the song. It was amazing.

05. Bye Bye Babylon – Cryoshell

So yeah Lego backed a band. And there pretty good. But there album still hasn’t been released in the US, so the only way to get their music is to watch the videos. And this is my favorite one of theirs. The broken world that they are in as she hunts down the individual instruments to rebuild the band. Its just amazing.

04. In the End – Linkin Park

Lately Linkin Park and I have had a love hate relationship lately. I hate their music now and they love money. Sad when good artiest sell out.

03. How You Remind Me – Nickleback

This Video always intrigued me. You never found out what exactly she did to Chad Kroeger, but you know it must have been bad for him to push her away like that when it finally had her. And then in the end you find out that the whole concert was her delusion… Now M. Night if you please.

02. Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

This song was everywhere at one point. And the band was a really good band. But Amy Lee sold out. She betrayed her best friend (Ben Moody.) Went against everything she used to stand for. The band eventually fell apart, and she snapped like a tried twig, developing a massive ego. In the end she truly became Everybody’s Fool.

01. Why Can’t We be Friends – Smash Mouth

It’s upbeat, It’s cheery, and no matter what this video puts me in a good mood. Although Ihmhi posted a question once. What would you do if you woke up to find the lead singer of Smash Mouth standing over you with that goofy smile?


So that’s all folks. My top 20 favorite videos. I’m Mops, and after 01 again I am one smiling geek.


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