The Console Wars… Or As I like to call it Who’s Digital Dick is Bigger

O boy this is something that’s been weighing on me for a bit of time now. The Console Wars. I have been roped into so many arguments over this fucking shit that I have literally almost gotten into fist fights over it. Not because I sway towards the XBox, I system I willing chose even knowing its flaws, but because I want to stay out of this shit. What is with gamers and there need to say there system is better. We have on the market three major systems right now. The Xbox 360, the Play Station 3, and the Wii. Fans of each will go into argument after argument about the merits of their consoles. But why? What the hell is the fucking point? Here’s what happened in one argument I was in after I said fuck it to the whole console war bullshit:

PS3 owner: Mine has better hardware.

Xbox owner: Yeah well mine’s got a better community.

Wii owner: Mine appeals to more people.

Me to the Wii owner: The Wii is a gimmick system that still had a long way to go before it should have hit shelves. The Wii motion plus took to long to come out and really should have not even have been needed since it really just a counter balance because the control was so light. It’s a good concept and a decent console but Nintendo should have done more work on it first.

The Wii owner agreed and stepped out of the conversation at that point.

XBO: Mine has more games

Me: Not really anymore

PS3O: What are games without the good hardware to run them?

Me: Both systems run the games just fine.

XBO: What’s hardware without a community (this is an argument I used in the past when I would take a side, But the PSN has grown by leaps and bounds so…)

Me: Playstation has a decent community now. Look can we cut the crap, really? Both systems have there merits. In my opinion they are both good systems. Hell nether one would even exist without Nintendo. Playstation more so. It was originally designed as a peripheral for the SNES. Nintendo backed out of the deal. Sony still put it out though as their own console. Nintendo was also the first to use analog sticks on the N64…

PSO: No, the Playstation 1 had analog sticks.

Me: Not when it first came out. Look I own an Xbox…

XBO: See even he knows its bet…

Me cutting him off: Not done. I own an Xbox Because I own a ZUNE, a PC that runs Windows 7 and has Media Center, and a Netbook that runs Windows XP. I got the Xbox so I could sync everything up and have it work together. Plus I like the feel of the Xbox controller. That’s all. I don’t give two flying fucks about which is better. So cut the crap.

Both XBO and PSO: Fuck you, who cares what you think?


So yeah, This shit with the console wars is stupid. While trying to write this I was researching other opinions on the console wars and I found the words of Bennet the Sage, And to be honest he said it perfect. So here are his words:

Like I said folks I’m Just tired of it. Sorry If you were expecting jokes and puns from this one. I really tried but the I had nothing on this one. You like Sony fine, but don’t give me a headache because I own an Xbox. I’m Mops, and I’m one pissed off geek.


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