Sleep is for the… Dead Apparently

Ok so, you ever hear that saying sleep is for the week. I have issue with this saying. You need sleep folks. Your body needs that time to shut down and restart its systems. Imagine if you were a giant machine (which you are indeed a giant biological machine). You imagining? Well, are you? Good so then lets say you run yourself all the time, sure you keep fuel in your body, stop every so often to take a breather, but your still running. Sooner or later your going to start to wear down your body. Every machine needs to be shut down for a little while for maintenance. Or else it breaks down. and if your body breaks down guess what that means folks, YOU ARE FUCKED!! I bring this up now because I have issues sleeping, And every time some one hears about it and says “Ah man don’t worry about it Mops, sleep is for the week” I have the sudden urge to set them on fire. Because the fuckers who say that shit, they’re the ones with no god dam issue sleeping. Another one I hear a lot that pisses me off. “You’ll have plenty of time to sleep when your dead.” No dumb ass you won’t. You’ll be dead. You will cease to be, expired, gone, done, deadski. This is based of old Greek mythology, an old quote that said “Where Hypnos dwells, Thanatos is not far.” or as it translates in terms of what the gods represented. “Where there’s sleep, death is not far” some cluster fuck way this became “You’ll have plenty of time to sleep when your dead” again when I hear someone say this I want to ignite their ass and watch them roast. I hate when people make light of sleeping issues. They are in fact, a serious physical and sometimes psychological problem. Seriously people, STOP WITH THESE SAYINGS TO ME!!!


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